Me Made May – week 2 roundup

This has actually been a pretty fun and illuminating week (in terms of my closet).

DAYS 5 & 6
Monday – top: me-made // jeans: AE // glasses: Bonlook
Tuesday – top: me-made // shorts: AE


Wednesday – dress: me-made // cardigan: Modcloth // shoes: Minnetonka // belt: F21
*Crafty Foxes Oonaballoona-themed MMM photo stolen from Sarah because hers was better than mine. :]

DAYS 8 & 10

Thursday – top: me-made // jeans: AE // shoes: Minnetonka // glasses: Bonlook
Friday – whoops?
Saturday – dress: me-made // shoes that I forgot to put on for the photo: Cathy Jean sparkly flats

DAY 11

Sunday – both dresses: memade // shoes: Swedish Hasbeens

Things I learned this week:
– I need more knit tops. Enter Nettie and Renfrew and possibly some knit Wiksten tanks.
-Sewing knits is actually kind of fun. Except tissue knits. Those can go die in a fire.
– I need maxi skirts in my life.
– I should make some simple summery skater skirts to wear with aforementioned Netties.
– My go-to me-made work outfit is jeans and a Datura. I didn’t actually know that about myself.

How’s everyone else doing?

8 thoughts on “Me Made May – week 2 roundup”

  1. love your outfits! i think i’ve finally come around to the drop waist dress style. i sure hated it at first, but yours looks so cute!

    1. Oh I thought they were the most heinous design detail ever until one day I found myself stuck on Pinterest pinning every third one I saw ;] They grow on you I guess!

  2. Me-Made-May has me on a skirt bender. I had no idea how many skirts I’d sewn! You seem to have been more successful with variety.

  3. Tissue knits can eat me. For reelz. I love sewing with knits SO much but tissue knits and the drapier jerseys aren’t even worth it, IMO. They come in the cutest prints but then halfway through working with them I just want to quit and sew straight lines in cotton forever. Maybe I should alternate knit projects with quilting or something! It would be theraputic haha

  4. Any chance I could get you to tell me which patterns you used? I see several I would like to try 🙂

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