Sun drop

Drop-waist dress

Drop-waist dress

Drop-waist dress

Drop-waist dress

Drop-waist dress

Drop-waist dress

Drop-waist dressdress: self-made // shoes: Swedish Hasbeens // watch: Fossil 

So Boston is currently 20F and buried in snow. Which is why I’m pretty happy that my flight was canceled and I got to stay in sunny 70F California for two extra days! To celebrate, we took a beach trip to Baker Beach to hang with the Golden Gate and soak in the sun before heading back to snowy purgatory. (Yes, all you people that said I would get tired of the snow, you were right. Let’s move along now.)

I also got to take my new drop-waisted dress out for a spin! If you follow me on Pinterest you might have noticed the recent influx of drop-waisted dresses on my Sewing Inspiration board and I was so excited when vacation started and I actually had time to figure out how to make one!

I had this navy rayon challis planned for another project but it seemed perfect so I snagged it for this project. In the interest of using patterns I already owned, I chose to use Colette’s Laurel dress as the base. If you’re feeling less adventurous, Republique du Chiffon’s Viviane dress looks pretty cute. It was a pretty simple pattern hack though! I basically just cut out the the bodice front and back as indicated but shortened by about 8-10″ (I did some adjusting so I’m not totally sure of the exact amount I hacked off, and this will depend on your height and how low on the waist you want the skirt to sit). I was also basing my dress mostly on this one, so I cut the sleeves a little wider than the pattern and extended it to 3/4 sleeve length and just enclosed some elastic in the sleeve hem before sewing the sides of the sleeves together.

Then I just gathered two rectangles and attached it as the skirt. Since it’s a pretty loose dress, I didn’t need to add a zipper or anything. I also wanted included a back slit so I just folded the center edge over twice on either side, sewed it down, and then sewed the two pieces together from where the slit ends to the bottom, letting the open bit overlap a bit. Then I attached a small decorative (read: non-functional) button on top that sits over where the top neckline thing attaches. If that makes no sense, let me know and I’m happy to draw a diagram.

In other news, meet my new foot babbies! My mum got them for me for Chreestmas and I basically never want to take them off. They’re a tiny bit ridiculous but four inch heels that feel like flats? With a bow?? Yes please.

Anyway, I hope everyone had a lovely holiday and got to relax at least a little! Mine was a bit crazy but filled with tons of fun and fambly and kittens. I got to take one last nap with the kittehs yesterday and now I’m dragging my feet and trying to think of legitimate ways to avoid getting on that plane tomorrow morning.

19 thoughts on “Sun drop”

  1. Gah, take me back to California!!! Why did I ever leave?! Anyway, back to the dress, it’s absolutely darling! I love the back slit and the drop-waist looks so cute on you! I can’t pull them off but I’m loving this look on you!

    1. Let’s go back! Leaving was a terrible idea! And thanks! I’m still not totally convinced about the style but it’s absolutely perfect for holiday-related pigging out hehe

    1. Thanks! I’ve been trying to sew more solids since that post you did a few months ago and everything has felt so much more wearable. :]

  2. such an adorable dress! Its perfect for summer! And those shoes are so fantastic! i really want a pair of Swedish hasbeens but they’re pretty pricey. sadly

  3. Stay in California! Philadelphia faired a lot better than Boston, but we still got our fair share of snow. And today, we had icy rainy and you bet I TOTALLY wiped out! It wasn’t a glamorous moment.

    What a great dress. I love how you transformed a basic pattern into something different. I also love your Swedish Hasbeens. Aren’t they great? I have a pair and they’re so comfy!

    1. I totally should’ve! I went from a 70 degree beach day to unearthing the car from a giant snowbank. Not fun. And thanks! I seriously can’t get over how comfy they are for being so tall!

      Stay warm!

  4. This is so beautiful! I think I may have to copy you on this one – I am not usually a fan of drop-waist dressed on me, but I think this would have the proper proportions so that I don’t look like a walking water balloon – ha!

  5. I know I’m really late to comment here but I love this dress so so much! I’m looking into doing a hack like this one, and I’m wondering what ratio did you use for the gathers to hem of chopped off skirt? I.e. how long were the rectangles compared to the rest of the skirt? I’m still a beginner so your advice would really help. Thanks!!

    1. No worries! I didn’t want it too voluminous so I think I stuck with a 2:1 ratio but I’m not super positive. What you could do if you have enough fabric is to cut more than you think you’ll need and then just try it out and trim down to a gathering ratio you like. I’m like 99% sure I used a 2:1 ratio though.

      I hope that helps!

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