Red peplum top

Red peplum topRed peplum top

Red peplum top

My sister and I often joke about how living together would save us a ton of money because we own so much of the same stuff. Despite having entirely different styles at least a third of our wardrobes are identical and, off the top of my head, we also have the same slow cooker, curling wand, gym bag, yogurt maker, etc. We think it’s ok because we live literally across the country from each other. She’s in San Francisco while I’m out here in Boston.

So when it came time to talk Christmas presents and she made a few sewn garment requests (she got an Archer and one of these peplum tops), I couldn’t resist making one for me too.

The pattern is Vogue 8815 (recommended by the Crafty Foxes), which I absolutely love. It’s meant for wovens but I just took it in a little at the seams and it worked out perfectly. I used a heavy knit with only a tiny bit of stretch so no zipper needed. Can’t argue with a top that takes twenty minutes to put together.

I have all sorts of plans for other versions of this pattern: one with a collar, one with some kind of a lace overlay, one with beading on the peplum and cap-sleeves, one with an exposed zipper, maybe one with a deep V slashed in the front, one with long sleeves.

My only issue with peplum tops is that I always find myself defaulting to pairing them with jeans. I’ve tried the skirt thing and it just felt like I was trying too hard and not quite pulling it off. Plus apparently you’re only supposed to wear them with more fitted skirts, which I feel weird wearing.

Anyone else have this issue?


15 thoughts on “Peplos”

  1. To be the biggest issue with peplums is finding a flattering jacket/cardigan to wear over them! Otherwise the peplum just makes you look huge under the cardigan (at least it does for me!). Cute top!

    1. I hate that!! I have a cardigan that would look so cute with this shade of red but it’s too long and looks absolutely horrid over it :/ Maybe a cropped Victoria blazer?

  2. I’ve been wanting to make a peplum top. Your’s looks great. I mostly live in jeans and skinny pants and prefer narrow skirts. I would wear them with a cropped cardigan or jacket.

  3. Your top looks great. I’ve been wanting to make one for myself, but haven’t gotten around to it. Since I already prefer jeans and skinny pants and mostly wear narrow skirts it should be an easy wardrobe addition. I would suggest wearing a cropped cardigan or jacket with it to avoid the thick waist look when wearing something over it.

    1. Ooh good idea! Or at least maybe some kind of belt-able thin cardigan to make the shape look intentional?

  4. Love it! Great looking. Ummm yeah skinny bottoms for sure with a peplum. Target has or had the greatest skinny trousers my Mossimo in every color ( I hope they keep carrying them they were great I need some new summer colors!)., that could be a change from jeans.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion! I only recently hopped on the colored-pants bandwagon and love it. So far I only have burgundy and mint which means clearly I need to go shopping :]

  5. You made this in twenty minutes?! Amazing! It looks awesome on you! I feel the same way about peplums (actually I’m wearing my leopard-print peplum top right now… with jeans). You need something very fitted to pair them with or the peplums tend to look frumpy, so I’m almost always wearing mine with super skinny jeans.

    1. Ooh I looove that leopard one! Yeah I think I just need to invest in more skinny jeans. I wish peplums worked with leggings. It would make my life so much easier.

  6. You are so talented! I have the same thing with peplums, I don’t know how to wear them, but yours looks great! Twenty minutes… sounds tempting 🙂

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