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Adventures in drafting // linen dragons




This top completely unintentionally reminds me of Daenerys from Game of Thrones. I originally set out to copycat this top from Urban Outfitters and decided to use the leftover linen from my Mystery Fabric Contest dress. Somehow I ended up with a cute summery top that totally looks like something Khaleesi would wear if she were summering in modern day California.

This top, along with my off-the-shoulder tops, has basically been my uniform this summer, and I’ve been experimenting with different fabrics. The problem is that I feel like this linen is a little too stiff and sort of sticks out awkwardly from certain angles. But then I tried a much drapier fabric and it was too lightweight to hold its shape. I’ll have to keep playing. I did have to make a special bra to wear underneath which is basically a nude halter the same shape as the front.

Drafting was pretty simple. I drew lines, then contoured. The one thing I did differently that helped with fit was before I added the bias binding and straps, I put it on the dress form and pinned the straps and pleats into shape rather than trusting the lines. It ended up fitting pretty much perfectly that way.

Now back to fabric experiments.

More weather inappropriate drapey-ness




Floral drapey top

Floral drapey top
top: self-drafted // bra: blogged here // sweater: Modcloth // pants: Jamie Jeans

Since it’s almost Christmas, this seems like a great time to share more of my summer wardrobe Here are two more of those luscious drapey tanks.

I wore them both pretty much all summer with shorts so it’s nice to be able to throw a sweater on top and call it a fall outfit. Or maybe this only works in California.

Happy almost Christmas!