bra: self-drafted // leggings: pattern here //top: random brand

*Fabric for this project was provided by Funki Fabrics. All opinions, day-glo predilections, and strapping adventures are my own.

Funki Fabrics was generous enough to send me fabrics for three separate “outfits” (as much as you can call a neon bra/panty set an “outfit”) and this is the second one I came up with. As mentioned earlier, within minutes of perusing the Funki Fabrics site, I had galaxy leggings all over my brain. These were pretty easy to put together. I used this gorgeous fabric and Megan Nielsen’s Virginia leggings pattern with the minor adjustment of making the waistband 3″ tall (instead of 1″ as in the original pattern) and  then using 3″ elastic.

I was a little wary of the fabric being too thin and turning white when stretched out (particularly after a disastrous Girl Charlee order) so I was extremely pleased to find that this stuff is lightweight, has nice stretch, and is totally opaque. I can do my squats without worrying about wardrobe malfunctions!

The bra was so much fun to draft and has been such fun to wear as well. I got the idea from a Free People bra my roommate owns that I’ve been coveting for months. The problem with the original bra is there is absolutely no support and when I tried hers on I was falling out of it in every direction. I wanted it to be something supportive enough that I could wear as a sports bra but with delicate enough straps that I could also wear it as a fun undergarment for a few backless shirts I own (but haven’ t been able to wear due to not having the right kind of bra).

I used this black supplex which I absolutely adore. I want to make all my workout clothes out of this stuff. It’s much less shiny than it appears in the product photo, kind of like cotton-y swimsuit material with great stretch. I started off by tracing a soft sports bra from Target (basically this one) and went from there. I lowered the neckline and made a more pronounced V shape, and extended the sides a bit on either side for extra bewb room. I recommend putting the sports bra on and marking where your side boob hits. I cut two layers of this and sewed the top seams but left the bottom open. I added a strip of 3/4″ elastic for underbewb support and zigzagged the bottom seam closed.

Then it was just a matter of making a bunch of straps and playing with strap placement. I used 1/4″ elastic and Ada Spragg’s Bombshell strap method to make five straps, about 22″ long each. I played with placement on the mannequin, then used safety pins to pin each strap in place so I could try it on. It only took about two tries to get the placement right. Then I just trimmed where necessary and stitched them on. I also added a few stitches to where the straps all meet in the center back to help keep everything in place.

I think my summer uniform this year is going to be strappy bras and flowy backless tops and dresses. Basically my inspiration is everything on this page.

18 thoughts on “Galactic”

  1. I am OBSESSED with all of your funki fabrics makes! I think I foresee galactic leggings and the coolest sports bra ever in my future! I really need one that fits properly!

    1. Aww thanks!! :] I used to be obsessed with the Nike pro sports bras but they’re just so boring and kind of constrictive. Making my own is so much more fun. Can’t wait to see what you make!

  2. That bra is beautiful! I won some fabric form funkifabric and I’m using some of it for a bikini. But maybe I should make some sportswear as well, your outfit is inspiring.

  3. I’m really obsessed with yourbra!!
    such a beauty!!
    please make a pattern out of it, I’m reallybegging you 😉


  4. Did you extend the waistband and use a separate elastic? They look great! I love all your workout gear!

    1. Thanks! Whoops, thanks for pointing out my error! I think the original waistband is 1″ tall and the pattern calls for 1″ elastic. I just meant that I cut mine to be 3″ tall instead and used 3″ elastic. (The original post said 2″; I’ve gone back and fixed that.)

  5. I know exactly the Free People bra! I almost bought it. I’m glad I didn’t because I love yours. I have also ALWAYS wanted galaxy leggings. This could be a problem. I love your projects already, but this one I may have to copy!

  6. I just realised I was commenting on Google Plus not on your blog. Doh!
    Love this design looks so great!! Talk about sexy workout clothes! i have to really reconsider what I’m wearing to the gym now hehe.

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