More weather inappropriate drapey-ness




Floral drapey top

Floral drapey top
top: self-drafted // bra: blogged here // sweater: Modcloth // pants: Jamie Jeans

Since it’s almost Christmas, this seems like a great time to share more of my summer wardrobe Here are two more of those luscious drapey tanks.

I wore them both pretty much all summer with shorts so it’s nice to be able to throw a sweater on top and call it a fall outfit. Or maybe this only works in California.

Happy almost Christmas!

3 thoughts on “More weather inappropriate drapey-ness”

  1. They look so pretty and comfy! It’s so hot here (Australia) and I wish that I had something so breezy to pop on (it’s washing day – *sigh*). You’ve done an awesome job, I especially like the floral fabric, its so versatile.

  2. I definitely love the second floral top, it looks so girly! I have an almost similar one but it is not a cami. Too bad it is freezing from where I live so I just need to make sure to store these additional resources and work on summer-y projects when the time comes!

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