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Katniss revisited

Katniss reaping dress

Katniss reaping dress

Katniss reaping dress

Katniss reaping dressdress: self-made, pattern here // boots: Clarks

One WIP down! Three to go.

You guys, you have no idea how amazing it feels to finally have fixed this effing hem. You can see my original post with construction details here. (Basically just a modified Darling Ranges bodice with a self-drafted quarter circle-ish skirt. Is that even a thing?) It’s kind of hard to believe that was two whole years ago and this poor dress has been sitting abandoned in the closet ever since. All because of the stupid hem being completely off. By like 4″ on one side. If you go to the original post you can see what I’m talking about in the first photo. But I’ll get back to that tomorrow.

I wanted to style it Katniss-y for photos but I love when costumes are really secret costumes and I can still wear them in public without looking silly. I’m totally going to be wearing this with my Swedish Hasbeens and an over-sized cream cardigan. Or just on its own with some cute sandals.

Darling Ranges #3

In case anyone was doubting my sentiments toward Megan Nielsen’s Darling Ranges pattern.. here’s yet another one!

Darling Ranges #3
dress: self-made (Darling Ranges by Megan Nielsen), shoes: Modcloth

I saw some really gorgeous sleeveless ones so I decided to make this one sans sleeves. I almost like it better than the ones with sleeves! Definitely a different look. I also decided to add a faux-collary thing to this one. Totally experimental but I think it turned out really cute. This collar’s pointy but I think I’ll have to experiment with a Peter Pan collar next.

Here’s a fun instagrammed close up of the collar detail.

This is definitely one of my favorite things I’ve ever sewn because it fits me PERFECTLY. No joke. By some miracle every bit of it fits like a glove. I added back darts to this one and eliminated the back ties and I love it!

Darling Ranges #3

It’s been chilly lately so I’ve been pairing this with a long cardigan and some tights. Can’t wait to wear it out as a summer dress!

PS If you’re looking for ideas on variations of this pattern, check out Megan Nielsen’s Darling Ranges board on Pinterest!

Darling Ranges #1

Nothing like posting sewing projects completely out of order..

Here’s my first Darling Ranges dress!

Darling Ranges #1
dress: self-made (Darling Ranges by Megan Nielsen), headband: F21, shoes: Seychelles Ampersand

This is probably the least well put-together version of this dress that I’ve made but it’s one of my favorites. The chiffon was an absolute nightmare to work with but I like the end effect. Plus I was figuring out the pattern as I went along so there’s small iffy bits, especially along the placket and neckline.

Darling Ranges #1

I went entirely according to the pattern on this one but the waistline is a touch too high for my freakishly long torso so I lowered it by two inches on all of the other ones. It kind of works with the chiffon though, kind of a babydoll dress effect.

Plus now I have something to wear with my Seychelles. 🙂

Darling Ranges #2

Darling Ranges #2 detail

I know, I know. I have yet to post pictures of Darling Ranges #1. I only finished making the back ties last night and wore it for the first time. Have I mentioned how much I love this pattern?? I ended up making another one today, that’s how much. Meet Darling Ranges #2!

Darling Ranges #2
dress: self-made (Darling Ranges by Megan Nielsen), shoes: Nine West (thrifted)

I made a few changes to this one, but nothing huge. I added about two inches to the waist, and then made the skirt hit about 1/2″ lower than the other one.

Darling Ranges #2

I scored a huge stash of gorgeous prints when I went fabric shopping with my friend’s mom last week. This coral-y red print was my favorite of the bunch, and I also picked up a gorgeous pale spring green version of the same print. I think that one’s going to be Darling Ranges #3. Ooh maybe a sleeveless version!

Darling Ranges #2

No, but seriously. If you don’t own this pattern go buy it. Immediately. And then make at least four versions of it. Do it. Now.

Bitchy fabrics

So chiffon was a terrible idea.

In fact, chiffon is usually a terrible idea. Except that it’s always so pertty that it’s difficult to say no to.

Anyway, all that’s left is buttons!

I can’t decide what color buttons to use. Maybe cream colored ones so they don’t stand out so much? Or a darker shade of the pale mint green/blue? Or straight up brown ones? That might be too harsh.

Hmmmm. Thoughts?
Excuse the photo. I was having fun with a new phone app and simultaneously attempting to hide the currently wonky neckline with fake artistic-ness. Edited: Here you go, better photo!

In other news, Megan Nielsen is holding a sewalong for this dress. I’m considering participating because I’d love to make another one of these (Or three more. You think I’m kidding..). But then I realized that I just made most of one in a day. To be fair, if I had chosen a less bitchy fabric (like a nice cotton or linen), I most likely would’ve been done by now.

Maybe I’ll make one dress a day for the duration of the sewalong.

Only joking.

(I’m not though.)