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Datura #5

Ikat fair isle Datura

Ikat fair isle Datura

Ikat fair isle Datura
top: self-made // shorts: Roxy (thrifted) // shoes: Minnetonka 

I’ve made five Daturas in the last two weeks. FIVE. Definitely did not intend for that to happen. Definitely still have two or three in my head that I want to make. Whoops.

I think this one is my favorite though.

When I first saw the pattern, I knew I’d end up buying it because of the peter pan collar. The cut-outs seemed cool but not really me, and I actually didn’t even bother cutting out that pattern piece. Except then I saw other people’s cut-out Daturas and suddenly I needed one. And then three more. Somehow of the five I’ve made, only one of them actually has the peter pan collar.

Anyways, this pattern is awesome. And slightly complicated but SO quick once you get the hang of the shouldery inside-out thing. Which is totally genius and makes the entire garment so neat and tidy. I wanted to experiment with a bit of a racerback on this one and I really like how it turned out. Easy peasy, too.

Andd now I’m off to molest the Laurel pattern I bought today.. tehe. In my defense, I’m testing it out to see if it’ll work for my Clara dress copycat!

And yes, I will be posting the other Daturas when I have time to take photos on a day when it isn’t 1092382 degrees. hee.

PS I’m SO excited that so many of you are interested in participating in the Copycat Challenge. I have some fun posts planned, and I’ll be posting my progress on my copycat projects soon, so look out for that!

A new favoritest dress


You guys, I’m so excited to share this dress.

I was drooling over the new fall stuff from Dear Creatures and in the midst of trying to convince my bank account that I should totally buy one of each thing when I realized that the construction of the Mia dress didn’t actually look that complicated. Not only that, I was pretty sure I could pull it off using Simplicity 1873, which I had coincidentally just bought.


Anyway, I traipsed over to the fabric store, crossing my fingers that they would have any kind of thick knit fabric and they just happened to have a ton of this gorgeous navy blue. It was just stretchy enough that I didn’t need a zipper which is always a plus. For the white detailing I just used some double fold bias tape.


I love everything about how this turned out! I’m pretty sure this is my favorite non-costume/non-historical garment I’ve ever made.


So of course I had to wear it with my new favorite shoes.


I would probably marry a Peter Pan collar


I’ve had several posts planned for the past two weeks and the only reason I haven’t posted is because of a lack of photos. To be fair, I take my photos myself and I hate doing it when people are around. And it took me ages to find a spot in my new apartment that has decent lighting. Yes, I’m full of excuses.

Things have been a tiny bit crazy around here as I’ve been getting into the groove of the new semester. I have a few terrifying assignments looming so the end of October should be interesting. My room is still not entirely put together yet, even though I moved in a month and a half ago! I finally bought foam for my window seat cushion and cut out two pieces of fabric and then just stopped. And that was two weeks ago. And I still have to fix a duvet cover, make a bedskirt, and pretty up my bulletin board. And hang all my wall art. Whoops.


I blame Pinterest for this dress. I kept seeing gorgeous collared dresses all over the place and of course I got all melty-hearted. At first I was going to use Megan Nielsen’s Banksia pattern to try to make one, but then I decided I wanted something more fitted. (Although I definitely still want to make a Banksia top. *lust*)

I made another dress with the same pattern but in gray and with a different collar, but I kind of love how this one turned out even more. I had wanted a colored linen blend fabric but they were out of everything but black and white and brown at the store, so I decided to experiment with white linen and some RIT dye.


I want to make this dress in every color. And then wear one every day of the week with different colored tights. But then I’d be that girl. Also, if anyone is wondering, I used Burda 7739. I lengthened the bodice by about an inch and a half and shortened the hem by a few inches.


I also may have started this the day before we went apple-picking because I specifically wanted to wear it to go apple-picking. Hee.

PS I have a few more new dresses to share this week! I’m super excited.

PPS And possibly a knitting project soon because I’ve started knitting again. Yay!

PPPS Sewing > schoolwork.

<3 Collars

A while ago I saw a gorgeous Beatric Holloway dress and fell in love with the collar. The more I stared at it the more I became convinced that I could recreate it. I even took a piece of paper and started folding it various ways trying to figure it out.

Source: via Ping on Pinterest



Of course, when I finally did figure it out, I realized it was ridiculously simple and that I’d been thinking far too complexly.

It’s just a triangle, folded inwards and tucked under the large collar. I was under the impression that it was all one giant piece. 

The main dress is this pattern from Burda.

I feel like I need a huge headband and a puppy in a basket to complete this outfit. And lacy socks.


Sorry for the brevity, it’s 95F here with 60% humidity and my brain is slowly meltinggg..

I’m off to stick my head in the freezer for a few minutes. Look for a warm-weather recipe tomorrow!



Have you ever come across a pattern you’ve seen before and suddenly needed to make it immediately whereas past you had merely thought “eh.”?


That happened to me this weekend when I rediscovered Colette’s Madeleine Mini-Bloomers. I first came across them when I found the Sorbetto pattern. At first I thought, “Cool! Free pattern!” And then I thought, “Ehhh, I’ll probably never make them.”


And then on Sunday I saw them again whilst browsing the interwebs and suddenly I had to have them. I didn’t even care what color or pattern, I just knew I wanted a pair of my very own.


Has that ever happened to you?