WIP Confessions – vol 2

Polka dot ElisalexVintage dressBirthday dress

Three of four completed. I’d say the first of the WIP Confessions has been a success! Especially considering the giant capstone project thrown in the midst there. This is fun! Let’s keep this going, shall we?

Here are my projects to finish for the next month:
This was one of the first projects I started when I started sewing regular clothes a few years ago. I’m pretty sure it’s only missing a zipper.

This is another one of those stupid WIPs that’s just missing a few buttons and a hem. Not sure why that’s so difficult.

I made this Katniss dress a while ago but didn’t notice immediately that the hem is completely off and therefore haven’t ever worn it. Should probably fix that.

Andd we’ll just sneak this Archer in again since it’s still sad and neglected.
Polka dot Archer

Feel free to join if you want!

PS Dress was finished in time! PAX was amazing. Pictures to come.

PPS One more day to enter the Mend & Make Fabulous giveaway! You guys are cracking me up with your numerous garment crotch issues.

11 thoughts on “WIP Confessions – vol 2”

  1. Gosh you are inspiring!
    That yellow skirt looks awesome. I wish my UFOs were so wearable, but they are just bad. So bad…
    I’ve been wanting to ask you since forever, how do you stay motivated in the midst of all your paper writing?

  2. I often find those finishing touches(hemming, buttons etc) the hardest. If something has gone wrong in the process of making the garment, then it will take me forever to finish it. I have a jacket in my closet that I made two years ago, all it’s missing is some buttonholes and buttons.

    Can’t wait to see your WIPs all done and finished 🙂

  3. Oh man, you totally inspired me with your last post! I finished a Briar top that’s been languishing for AGES, and started back in on a men’s buttondown that’s even older and I’m almost done. Now I just need to work up the nerve to tackle my Christmas 2011 dress debacle… eek!

  4. So glad to know I am not the only one with a basket full of clothes that just need to be hemmed or a zip put in. Ashamed to say I have had a sock on my coffee table since Chrimbo that I am yet to graft the toe on. Four months of avoiding five minutes working…oh the shame!

  5. I love all your WIP! If my WIP pile looked like yours I may just be motivated enough to finish them. Can’t wait to see the finished creations!

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