Polka dot Elisalex

Polka dot Elisalex

Polka dot Elisalex

Polka dot Elisalex

Polka dot Elisalex

Polka dot Elisalexdress: self-made, pattern here, fabric here // shoes: Swedish Hasbeens // glasses: Bonlook // watch: Fossil

We’ve all had our fair share of adventures in fitting. Sometimes patterns fit really great right out of the package and sometimes a lot of tweaking is involved. Some of us learn how to do FBAs and others of us (me) just wear bras with more or less padding as needed.

And sometimes patterns require so much tweaking and fiddling that you start wondering whether you’re shaped like a blob with one boob bigger than the other and arms coming out of your navel and how come this dress looks so effortless flattering on everybody else?!

Ok, I’m exaggerating a little but there was a fair bit of frustration that came along with making this dress. I’m pretty sure this was entirely user error because all of the ones I’ve drooled over have been absolutely gorgeous and no one else seems to have run into the issues I did. First the waist was too big. This happens a lot so I took it in some. But then the shoulders were gaping a bit so I took it in there. And then somehow the shoulders were gaping more. And then there was the skirt being too bulky, so I had to detach it and cut it into wedges* rather than rectangles. I’m almost positive I cut the smallest size but there’s a tiny chance I went a size up in which case that would be the issue.

Finally after lots of tweaking I ended up with something mostly wearable. I’m still not 100% happy with the fit so I might take it apart again and tweak. But not right now. Too soon.

By the way, how cute is this fabric?? Sarah’s got it in basically the entire rainbow and I’m pretty sure I need a romper with excessive bows in the turquoise one.

Anyway, this is actually my third version/attempt at this dress. The first one failed epically because the design I had in mind ended up being hideous. The second one is a surprise and has so far turned out AWESOME and I can’t wait to share. Except now I’ve jinxed it. Oh dear.

PS Don’t forget to enter my Sew Fun giveaway by Sunday! I’ve had so much fun reading everyone’s childhood crafting stories and you guys have been reminding me of a bunch of craft stuff I used to be into that I completely forgot about that I’m now majorly nostalgic over.

*I have no idea whether this is the right word for what I mean. Imagine a wide slice of pizza that someone’s taken a bit out of. Now make two of them and cut one in half vertically. That’s what the skirt pieces look like.


8 thoughts on “Elisadots”

  1. HI, so first I want to say as it is now, the dress looks really cute. Now about what your saying, I think I have the same problem. I just about always have gaping armpits, too wide shoulder seam, and too big waist BUT I can’t cut a smaller pattern because if I do the back width will be too small as well as the bust. !!!

  2. That is such a cute dress and you could never tell it was a problem to fit. Thanks for the link to the polka dots, I have been looking for some.

  3. WELCOME TO MY WORLD. I hate hate hate making muslins, but I always have to do so many fitting adjustments that it doesn’t make any sense not to. Your dress looks super cute; there’s no evidence of your fitting woes at all!

  4. So your footnotes never fail to please. Slices of pizza with bites out of the top, I totally get that . As far as I can tell this dress is cute cute cut. And I think that romper you described will kill me. I CAN”T wait! Can I copy cat?

  5. Your birthday dress has served as an inspiration for me and my 52nd birthday. I was thinking of a dress such as this on my bike ride today, only made of vintage sheets. Let’s see how it works. Regardless, thanks for your inspiration. I completely understood your slices of pizza description. 🙂 Thank you, Catherine

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