A wearable hug

Anthro cowlneck

Anthro cowlneck

Anthro cowlnecksweater: self-made, pattern here // pants: Paige denim // glasses: Bonlook // boots: Boutique 9 // headband: Modcloth

I made this sweater ages ago, loved it until it was finished, blocked it, and then hated how it turned out and never wore it. It’s lived in one of those Ikea underbed storage boxes ever since.

I pulled it out again recently and I can’t remember why I hated it so much. It’s super cozy, it’s basically like wearing a hug, and as an added bonus, no long sleeves to get in the way!

Anyway, I love this pattern and I think my former ambivalence toward the finished garment is moreso a reflection of my belief that I can’t pull off this shape. That and the sleeves turned out a little weird after blocking. The pattern itself is based on this Anthropologie sweater and I think the designer did an incredible job matching the original! The only thing that’s different is the cowl: the original has a horizontal cable thingy that looks slightly complicated and honestly kind of odd.

On an unrelated note, is anyone else sewing up an Albion for the Colette sewalong? I’m sooo behind.

PS Thanks for all the well-wishes! I’m finally completely free of the clutches of the plague of doom.

7 thoughts on “A wearable hug”

  1. I can’t believe you made this yourself! And that you then not liked it!?
    It looks a lot better then the original and it suits you.
    Must be nice to wear a hug :-).

  2. Funny isn’t it how we can hate something one day and love it the next. This is why I store under worn clothes for awhile before passing them on…. I might fall in love with them again! I’m glad you love this one again because it looks great on you!

  3. I love the sweater! Lately I’ve been knitting scarves, nothing as ambitious as a full sweater. But yours is inspiring.

    1. Thanks! You should try a sweater! If you pick one with a simpler stitch pattern it’s really not that much harder than a scarf- just have to keep track of increases and decreases. :]

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