Classic stunner dress copycat Classic stunner dress copycat Classic stunner dress copycat Classic Stunner dress copycat Classic Stunner dress copycat Classic stunner dress copycatdress: self-made, based on this // shoes: Seychelles // glasses: BonLook* // coat: thrifted // tights: Modcloth 

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So the plan was to grow out my bangs and possibly revert to being a brunette. That was the plan, anyway. My bangs were around cheekbone length (and super annoying) and my roots were getting to that gross “something needs to be done immediately” point and I even had a box of brown dye sitting on my desk. Except then somehow I ended up with blunt bangs and even redder hair. I usually just use Garnier Nutrisse in light intense auburn, except this time I decided to use one of the blonde shades on the bottom half and then the auburn over everything to see if the bottom would end up a bit lighter. I can’t really tell if the blonde made a difference at all but just having a head of freshly dyed hair feels amazing.

I’ll be honest though, the bangs were 80% because my eyebrows were starting to look like caterpillars trying to mate and for some reason hacking at my hair was easier than dealing with unruly eyebrows. My eyebrows are still out of control.

Anyway, I made this dress more than a year ago for a fancy party and it’s sort of been forgotten ever since. I haven’t really worn it because I wanted to make small adjustments to the waist area but keep forgetting about it until I actually want to wear it. I absolutely adore this fabric. I spent ages trying to find something similar to the original dress but purple, black, and silver impressionist semi-floral blobs is not exactly an easy print to search for. I kept running into this fabric at the store and finally decided that it was probably the closest thing I’d find. It’s super thick and holds the pleats really well.

I used Simplicity 1873 (again!) but with some adjustments to the neckline area. I wanted it to be more of a boat neck so I widened the neckline and then scooted the shoulders outwards a bit. Then I cut the back so it would form a V-shape.

I think I’ll whip this one out for Christmas this year!

PS If you’re in Boston, come celebrate Stitchmas at Grey’s this Saturday! Details on Sarah’s blog.

PPS It snowed!!!

10 thoughts on “Shiny!”

  1. Love the shiny!!! I honestly prefer your version to the ModCloth one, too! The flowers on your fabric are sooo pretty!

    I’m pretty much in a constant state of hair-envy…so I know EXACTLY what it’s like to make a sudden decision, despite having a “plan.” I love your red hair and your bangs 🙂

  2. Hi ! I’m Madeco, a french blogger , and I love sewing too. Your dress is amazing : the fabric is terrific (very chic). Very well done ! Merry Christmas

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