Fickle pickle

Lace bow dress progress

Lace bow dress progress

Lace bow dress progress

I’m kind of fickle, I admit it. My sister can attest to how many times a week I have to call her to help me make up my mind about something, and then I’ll change my mind again an hour later. It’s rather annoying, really. But I guess it shouldn’t come as such as surprise to me that I’ve changed my mind about which New Girl dress I wanted to sew for my own Copycat Challenge.

At last count, I had watched New Girl all the way through three times. Somehow I had completely missed this dress until the third time through. It shows up in the episode with the almost-threesome with the landlord, and it’s all I could stare at during the entire episode. Thanks to the existence of What Would Zooey Deschanel Wear, I was able to pore over the detail shots of this beauty by Corey Lynn Calter on Modcloth.

I scoured eBay for crochet flower appliques and somehow managed to find one that was similar enough and also the same size. I found the button and a similar trim for the waist (not pictured) at a local discount fabric store. I bought some lace for the armhole trim but on closer examination it’s totally the wrong kind of trim so I’ll have to go on a hunt again. I also forgot about the black ribbon or trim for the neckline.

I’m using Simplicity 1873 (yes, again!) with some adjustments. I lowered the neckline and flattened it a bit (is that the right technical term?), and lengthened the bodice by about 3/4″. I sewed the neckline and armhole sides with the wrong sides together, and then I flipped it right side out and am going to treat it as one piece for the rest of the process. I was a little worried about the lace showing through but I trimmed it down at the seams and it seems to be doing ok. The bodice is lined with black cotton and I’ll be doing a regular rectangle pleated skirt, probably lined in something light and cream colored.

And now I’m going to go bury myself in fabrics and relish the day off. Happy Labor Day everyone (who celebrates it)!

PS I’m a little behind on posting Copycat Projects. I think I have about 2-3 that need to be posted. Sorry about that, I’ll try to get those up today!

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