Flounce bounce

I love flouncy skirts. The more spinnable, the better.

belt: yoinked from a Modcloth dress // tights: Hue (I think) // top: blogged here // headband: Modcloth

A few weeks ago my sister and I drove down to my favorite fabric store and sort of went crazy. We ended up leaving with several fabrics with which to make random skirts, because skirts and tights are the best thing ever. And because Seester wanted to learn how to make skirts.

Now, I should explain that I am a terrible teacher. I get frustrated easily and I have trouble remembering what it was like when I was still mastering a skill. So instead of picking an easy skirt pattern (of which there are literally millions), I decided we were going to make a skirt out of Simplicity 1873. Because it’s flouncy and delightful.

Burda 7739 skirt

Anyway, the moral of the story is I’m pretty sure she still hasn’t finished hers. And I’m a terrible sister.

4 thoughts on “Flounce bounce”

  1. I’m not here to judge your teaching/sistering skills, but I will say that this skirt is adorable. And I freaking love that belt. Where did you get that??
    Flounce away, girl. You look amazing.

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