Lace & Chambray shirt diy

Last week I saw this Denim + Lace tutorial over at A Beautiful Mess and immediately decided I had to try it.

I finally made it out to the thrift store yesterday and after twenty minutes of panicked perusing (during which I went from “Of course they’ll have a million chambray shirts” to “Omg they won’t have any at all and I won’t be able to do this project”), found a chambray button up shirt that 1) fit me, and 2) didn’t have gross embroidering.

(No seriously, there were a few with American flags and even one with Christmas elves and holly all across the chest. -shudder-)

Lace & Chambray shirt diy

Anyhoo, after the thrift store I popped over to the fabric store for some lace. I loved the striped lace Elsie and Emma used but I wanted something a little more floral for mine. Luckily I found just what I was looking for! -squee-

Once I got home, it took about five full minutes to convince myself to cut into a perfectly good shirt, and I had to double check about six times that I was cutting in the right place. I even had to take a picture of the first slice to document it.

Lace & Chambray shirt diy
Disclaimer: This is NOT a difficult project. In fact, this is an incredibly easy and fun project. I’m just a paranoid idiot. :]

Anyway, once I got going it was easy breezy. I even decided to sew a little bit of scrap lace onto the tiny pocket on the front!

Lace & Chambray shirt diy

Anyways, this was a totally easy and awesome project. And it was so fun I sprouted a mustache!

Lace & Chambray shirt diy

(Nerdiness, I has it.)

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