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Red Riding Hood, or That Time I Knit a Sweater in One Day

Woodland Hoodlet

Woodland Hoodlet

Woodland Hoodlet

Woodland HoodletWoodland Hoodlet

Woodland Hoodlet

Woodland Hoodlethoodlet: self-made, pattern here // dress: self-made, blogged here // tights: Modcloth // top: Banana Republic

First of all, totally unrelated to anything but holy crap the Doctor Who special was amazing. I was a mess. I kept tearing up the whole time and then toward the end I completely lost it.

Anyway, how cute is this little hoodlet?? It’s not the most practical garment but who cares about practical when there’s giant smooshy cables and bobbles and a huge hood complete with a tassel?? I love. In fact I’ve been lusting over almost every tiny owl knits pattern for a few years now and bought her book as soon as I realized it existed. Twenty-one adorable animal themed whimsy knits? Yes, please!

I had originally planned on doing this in a cream color, or something ashy, but then I was perusing the Ravelry page for it I saw one done in a dark red that was absolutely gorgeous. And then I realized I still had a bajillion skeins of a dark red chunky yarn that I had planned on using for a different project but that would be perfect (whoops, sorry Aidez..). I started knitting around 1pm and finished it at 1:23am. I can’t even begin to explain how much my hands hated me after that. Especially when I woke up bright and early the next day to start working on my Stonecutter. Sorry hands.

I had read on someone’s Ravelry page that they had wet-blocked this and lost all the chunky texture from the cables, so instead I put it on my dress form with a towel stuffed underneath to make it a more bulky shape, and then just sprayed generous amounts of water on it from a spray bottle. I most just wanted the stockinette to smooth out a bit and for the whole thing to lengthen a bit and was hoping gravity would help with that.

Now that I’m looking at the photos again I’m noticing one giant cable on upper row and I have no idea how that happened. I kind of love the mismatched effect but I’m 95% sure that was a mistake. Oh well.

I hope everyone has a fantastic Thanksgiving! I’m going to be curled up in this hoodlet and comfy pajamas and watching movies all weekend with Boyfriend and Stonecutter.