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Paper bag pleats

When I was little I was fantastic at getting ready for trips. I would be so excited about impending vacations that I would be all packed and ready to go a week in advance and then spend that week living out of my tiny pink Sanrio suitcase. (Yes, I was adorable.)

Now, though, I suck. Now that my clothes are no longer tiny and I have to budget the number of outfits I bring places, it’s become a dilemma I avoid. And by dilemma I mean #firstworldproblems.

The point is, I’ve been a busy bee today scrambling to do all of the things I’ve put off the past few days in preparation for my trip home tomorrow morning at the glorious (*gag*) hour of 6am. And that’s just when our flight leaves, we’re getting up at 4am. I am soooo excited. (Not.)

On a less grumpy note, here’s a skirt I made a few weeks ago!

Paper bag skirt
top: H&M, skirt: self-made (using this pattern), tights: F21, shoes: Seychelles Ampersand

I used linen because I wanted something drapier than denim, but in retrospect I probably should have gone with a lighter denim because the linen not only wrinkles like hell but is also a wee bit saggy.

I vaguely went with the pattern but branched off a bit because I got confused. I also widened my belt loops a fair bit.

Paper bag skirt

I do love how it turned out though. Especially the bow. :]

And that it goes with my favorite shoes. Which I’m currently trying to justify bringing home even though I probably won’t have a chance to wear them. Details.

Seychelles - Ampersand

PS OMG I’m pretty sure this is the exact suitcase I used to have!!