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Orange skirt

Orange skirt

Orange skirt

Orange skirtskirt: self-made // top: thrifted // sweater: self-made, pattern here // tights: Modcloth // boots: Hunter 

Remember that really simple skirt I made a few of a while ago and then promised to make a tutorial? Well, I FINALLY sat down and made a tutorial. I’m just putting the finishing touches on that so expect that later on this week. Yayy!

I keep flipflopping between wanting to write a post about the new year and then getting kind of turned off not wanting it to seem too New Years Resolutiony. I definitely have ongoing goals, but not ones that I came up with for the sake of the new year, but maybe I’ll just list those, if only in a futile attempt at organizing my brain.

Tutorials: I have a few simple tutorial ideas bouncing around my head (including this one) that have been living on the back burner and I want to finally do those. So far so good!

Layer Cake dress: Obviously this one needs to be done by April. I’m currently waiting on the rest of my supplies but I think I’m still ahead of schedule on this one.

Wearability: There have been several posts in the past few months about wearing me-mades and why it’s sometimes hard, so I’ve been trying to make more things that are more wearable (meaning more solids and diving into the world of knits).

Albion coat: I’ve been wanting to learn to make a coat for a while and haven’t quite gotten to a point I’m happy with. I started with the New Girl blazer and then sort of stumbled my way through half of an Anise coat (I picked the wrong weight of fabric so it’s turning into a skirt). I still have plans (and more appropriate fabric) for another Anise but my next coat-related project is going to be an Albion. More on that later, including fabric pr0n.

Vintage patterns: I have a wishlist of vintage patterns that I’ve been eyeing on Etsy. I recently bought one and am super excited to try it. This goal probably contradicts the one regarding wearability.

Costumes: Costumes make me happy. Like really complicated, nitpicky, intricate movie replicas. It’d been a long time since I’d done one before I started the Kaylee dress and I want to start doing that again more often. Possibly starting off with finishing Elizabeth Swann’s wedding dress which is probably my longest standing WIP (I started it ~2007).

Moar Archers: Because of reasons.

Ok, my brain feels better.