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I made a dress!

Ruffle bib dress close up

It occurred to me today that I rarely, if ever, sew things correctly. ¬†Like hems and whatnot. If you look inside most things I make, it’s like small animals have been nesting inside, what with all the loose threads and bare edges.

Today I decided to learn some proper techniques. And below is the result (minus a zipper and a bottom hem)! The neckline and arm holes are understitched (minus the part where I decided to do the bib at the end so it didn’t get sewn into the rest of the neckline). The waist and sides are french seamed and the skirt is pieced together and then reinforced with a zigzag stitch.

This probably sounds mundane and most of you are probably going, “Well¬†duh,” but I swear this is the first time I’ve actually done this on a garment I’ve sewn. Though, to be fair, most of what I’ve sewn has at least seen my mom’s serger.

Ruffle bib dress

I’m rambly because I’m tired. Next up, zipper and hem!

Not yarn.

The streets are empty and Joann’s was crowded; it must be Superbowl Sunday.

I woke up this morning at exactly 9:37am with a burning desire to make a very specific dress that I’ve been squee-ing over for months. Hence the Joann’s trip.

BUT I walked away with this lovely bundle of stuff. And it’s not yarn! -shock-

Any guesses on what this lovely project is that is going to be eating my soul for the next week or two?

Hermione red dress fabric

Yeah, ok. Not very difficult.

Anyway, then I went home and decided to wear my new slouchy hat even though it’s nearly 80F outside.
Hello New York hat 2 Hello New York hat 1