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lila fowler

lila pullover

lila pullover

lila pullover

lila pullover
sweater: handknitted, pattern here 

I love this sweater so much. I wanted to make it ever since Carrie made hers. I love that I can basically wear gym clothes and throw it on and look like I tried. Or that I can wear it over a dress and it doesn’t bunch weirdly at the waist because it’s cropped. And that collared shirts look cute under it.

The yarn is this scrumptious alpaca I picked up (specifically for this project) at Stitches West from Ranch of the Oaks in Lompoc, CA. After I bought it I basically spent the rest of the day petting it and cast it on pretty much as soon as I got home. It was a really quick knit and perfect for zoning out while binge-watching tv shows.

Tiny note: I decided that I wanted mine extra cropped, which in retrospect may not have been the best decision since boobs + extra long torso. I still love where this one hits but I think it’s toeing the line of too short so probably I’ll just follow the pattern exactly on the next one (there will definitely be a next one).

Sidenote: there are also the Lila Top Down and Lila Light, neither of which I’ve knitted but both of which are intriguing. I should really probably start knitting with lighter weight yarns now that I’m no longer living in the arctic north (Boston). Case in point: the day this sweater was blocked and ready to be worn, I very excitedly picked out an outfit and pulled it on.. and then walked outside where it was 90 degrees. No exaggeration.

(Was anyone else as obsessed with the Sweet Valley series as I was?)

cables&squish + wearable art show

I’ve done a lot of knitting this summer (don’t ask me to explain that one) and my goal for the next several months is to slowly work through my yarn stash. Some of that means finding new homes or new projects that I lost interest in and some of it means finally getting to certain projects that have been in my Ravelry queue for ages. In the interest of making this happen I went through and cleaned out my queue and removed a bunch of projects that I know I’ll never get to or just no longer have any interest in doing. I also couldn’t resist looking around at patterns and adding a few to the list. Only a few! Anyway, here’s a few of my favorites that I moved to the top of the list. You’ll notice a theme.

Chateau by Melissa Schaschwary

Lila by Carrie Bostick Hoge

Boxy by Joji Locatelli

Speckled Shrug by Lion Brand Yarn Patterns

Oshima by Jared Flood

Chainlink by Norah Gaughan

Fisherman’s Daughter by Carol Sunday

Sperry by Amy Miller 

This might actually all realistically happen this winter too. I have a half-finished green, navy, and white Sperry lying around somewhere. I have a cream Fisherman’s Daughter that just needs sleeves. Plus between starting this list and actually posting it, I’ve managed to get a ton of knitting done. I started a Lila. I have a Boxy sweater who’s only missing a neckline and some faith that I didn’t knit the wrong size, and I finished a Chateau and a Speckled Shrug that is huge and so cozy and I want six of them.

2015-10-13 18.14.11
Meet my extremely squishy Chateau.

Funny story about the Chateau. It was SO fun to knit and so quick that I did the “Just one more row..” thing until it was completely done and about 2am. At that point I completely passed out with my finished Chateau in bed with me, and at some point during the night it fell in the crack between the wall and my bed and I completely forgot about its existence until about three days later. Surprise new sweater!

2015-09-30 16.21.35
If you follow me on Instagram you’ve seen the blanket and tiger Archer I now live in.

Sidenote: I have a feeling I’m going to be feeling very smug about completing so much of my knitting wishlist until the next time I go on the Brooklyn Tweed website again and add six complicated cabley sweaters to my list.

Another sidenote: I’m really really bad at culling my Ravelry queue. In my defense half of it is things like a chart for the Tree of Gondor which you just never know if you’re going to need.

Completely knitting-unrelated, but I also wanted to mention a really cool  contest/fashion show a reader (thanks Holly!) emailed me about. Uncommon Threads is a wearable art show that takes place in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Every year a theme is chosen and artists submit crazy artistic garments that fall under their interpretation of the theme.

This year’s theme is “Epilogue”, and here is how juror Wylie Garcia explains it: “This year’s theme asks artists to meditate on notable books, authors, or literary characters and use wearable art as means of opening up a conversation about these influences. By revisiting the stories and writers that have made a personal impact, artists are encourage to create a garment that serves as an epilogue to a single novel or an entire writing career. Comments on genres, the dynamic between the physical and electronic medium of books, and the cultural implications of works of fiction and nonfiction are also appropriate ways to interpret this theme.”

How awesome does that sound? I seriously debated making something to enter but between getting ready to move (yes, again!) this weekend and still being in the midst of Cinderella and ruffles, I couldn’t see starting a large scale project like this and keeping my sanity. Maybe next year! For anyone who is interested, submissions (not actual finished pieces) are due November 16th and the show is December 5th.

Below are some photos* of past shows and you can find out more by visiting their website here.

20131019-193817-Culture Candy

20131019-204246-Culture Candy

20131019-202046-Culture Candy


*Photos used with permission.

A wearable hug

Anthro cowlneck

Anthro cowlneck

Anthro cowlnecksweater: self-made, pattern here // pants: Paige denim // glasses: Bonlook // boots: Boutique 9 // headband: Modcloth

I made this sweater ages ago, loved it until it was finished, blocked it, and then hated how it turned out and never wore it. It’s lived in one of those Ikea underbed storage boxes ever since.

I pulled it out again recently and I can’t remember why I hated it so much. It’s super cozy, it’s basically like wearing a hug, and as an added bonus, no long sleeves to get in the way!

Anyway, I love this pattern and I think my former ambivalence toward the finished garment is moreso a reflection of my belief that I can’t pull off this shape. That and the sleeves turned out a little weird after blocking. The pattern itself is based on this Anthropologie sweater and I think the designer did an incredible job matching the original! The only thing that’s different is the cowl: the original has a horizontal cable thingy that looks slightly complicated and honestly kind of odd.

On an unrelated note, is anyone else sewing up an Albion for the Colette sewalong? I’m sooo behind.

PS Thanks for all the well-wishes! I’m finally completely free of the clutches of the plague of doom.

Really really stressful Sunday

long pond

long pond
Pattern is Jane by Jane Richmond.

I have several finished sewing projects I’ve been wanting to post but I got my ass kicked by a nasty cold last week and I’m still recovering a bit. In the meantime, I’ve been doing a lot of lying in bed and knitting with Harry Potter on audiobook running.

On the bright side, my Stonecutter is nearly done!! I have it half-seamed and just need to add a neckband and then block it. Yee!

Currently, I’m at my roommate’s parents house in Plymouth having a very stressful time relaxing and knitting in various cozy chairs with a lovely winter wonderland scene outside. It’s totally horrible. *hee*

I hope everyone’s staying warm and dry! Hopefully I’ll have some outfit photos up this week.

(My roommate Katie would like to say hello to everyone.)

Catching snowflakes

Campus jacket

Campus jacket

Campus jacket

Campus jacket

Campus jacket

Campus jacket

Campus jacketsweater: self-made, pattern here // leggings: Urban Outfitters // boots: Hunters // glasses: BonLook* // mittens: self-made, pattern here // headband: self-made, similar pattern here // legwarmers: self-made, pattern here

*This is an affiliate link, which means I may get compensated if you decide to shop at BonLook. You won’t pay more by clicking through my link and you’ll be helping to keep running! :]

 It’s snowing!!! I wasn’t planning on taking photos today but I’d been meaning to post this sweater and the snowflakes were so fat and glorious I couldn’t resist.

Anyway, this post is a four-in-one! As I was getting dressed I started thinking about before I started knitting and I have no idea how I ever survived winters. Granted, I lived in California where “winter” really has to be put in quotes, but I do remember constantly being cold. Thank god for wool.

When I came across this pattern I absolutely loved how the sample garment looked and decided to go with the suggested yarn in the exact colorway they used. I never in a million years would’ve picked this one off the shelf but the end result is so cool! This is what it looks like on the skein:

CIMG2252Where does all the purple come from??? It’s like magic.

I forgot to photograph them but the pattern also includes lined pockets which I did in a solid purple wool. Super cozy to stick frozen fingers into. Anyway, I made a few adjustments to the pattern which you can find on my Ravelry page. After trying out all kinds of button styles I decided that toggles were the cutest. I got mine at the sadly now-closed Windsor Button in downtown Boston.

The mittens are the Give a Hoot pattern, which I shortened to be fingerless. Other than that it’s a solid and straightforward pattern that I highly recommend, especially for impatient beginners. The Leg Warmer pattern by Jane Richmond is magical and super simple, and I actually recently bought yarn to make two more pairs. I think for my next pair I’ll do contrasting colors, with a marine blue tweed on top and a mustard tweed on the bottom so that I can flip them upside down depending on what color I’m in the mood for.

And finally, the Braided headband pattern is one of my favorites for winter. I don’t always like to wear my hair down and it’s nice to have an ear-covering option that allows for updos. I made some major adjustments to mine (actually the only thing that’s the same is the actual cable lol) and I realized after trying to recreate it from my Ravelry notes that my Ravelry notes make absolutely no sense. Ignore those. I’ll rewrite one that’s not gibberish soonishly.

Sidenote: If you want to pick up a pair of Hunters, they’re currently available at Costco at 50% off the retail cost!