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The girliest sorbetto


Well, I think I’ve jumped on the Sorbetto bandwagon!


This pattern is so simple (only two pieces!) but so customizable. I added a peter pan collar and buttons to mine, and some lace trim under the pleat. I also lowered the neckline by a few inches. It’s so girly and I love it.


I’d probably wear this with jeans and a long cardigan but I also love how it looks with a simple skirt.


PS Have I mentioned how much I love my Lottas? They’ve barely left my feet since I bought them and I’m trying reaaally hard to resist buying the red ones too!

Hermione’s red ruffle dress

I finished this dress a while ago (like, over a year ago!) and then never posted pictures of it. Whoops.

Hermione red dress

Walking out of the movie theatre after I saw Part 1 of the Deathly Hallows was slightly overwhelming. A chunk of my brain wanted the movie to keep going and hated that I had to wait another seven months to finish the movie, another chunk was sad that there was only one movie left. But mostly I wanted to rush home so I could google photos of Hermione’s entire wardrobe throughout the film. Particularly the lovely blazer outfit from the beginning, the dark blue asymmetrical sweater thing, the gorgeous fair isle sweater, and the red dress she wears to the wedding. (Also Ginny’s dress at the wedding and Ron’s brown sweater but that’s a different story.)

Anyway, this dress was one of the first things I made from that movie, and was essentially the product of one week’s worth of sewing ruffles. Ruffles made of chiffon.

Hermione red dress
See? Ruffles. I wasn’t kidding. 

Other than the ruffles, the rest of the dress is pretty basic. I used red chiffon for the outer layer and a thicker red satin for the lining. I drafted the bodice myself and made the skirt out of four panels with a slight gather at the waistline. After that it was just a matter of looking at reference photos for ruffle placement!

On that note, it’s pretty difficult to take spinning photos of oneself. I failed miserably.
Hermione red dressHermione red dress

Have a nice Tuesday! :]


Edit: I’ve gotten several comments/emails about this so I thought I’d mention it again here. I didn’t use a pattern this dress, I drafted the bodice directly to my own measurements. If I ever decide to draft a pattern someday (which will not be in the foreseeable future since I have absolutely no skills in drafting patterns of other sizes), I’ll definitely make it available here.

Paper bag pleats

When I was little I was fantastic at getting ready for trips. I would be so excited about impending vacations that I would be all packed and ready to go a week in advance and then spend that week living out of my tiny pink Sanrio suitcase. (Yes, I was adorable.)

Now, though, I suck. Now that my clothes are no longer tiny and I have to budget the number of outfits I bring places, it’s become a dilemma I avoid. And by dilemma I mean #firstworldproblems.

The point is, I’ve been a busy bee today scrambling to do all of the things I’ve put off the past few days in preparation for my trip home tomorrow morning at the glorious (*gag*) hour of 6am. And that’s just when our flight leaves, we’re getting up at 4am. I am soooo excited. (Not.)

On a less grumpy note, here’s a skirt I made a few weeks ago!

Paper bag skirt
top: H&M, skirt: self-made (using this pattern), tights: F21, shoes: Seychelles Ampersand

I used linen because I wanted something drapier than denim, but in retrospect I probably should have gone with a lighter denim because the linen not only wrinkles like hell but is also a wee bit saggy.

I vaguely went with the pattern but branched off a bit because I got confused. I also widened my belt loops a fair bit.

Paper bag skirt

I do love how it turned out though. Especially the bow. :]

And that it goes with my favorite shoes. Which I’m currently trying to justify bringing home even though I probably won’t have a chance to wear them. Details.

Seychelles - Ampersand

PS OMG I’m pretty sure this is the exact suitcase I used to have!!

Darling Ranges #3

In case anyone was doubting my sentiments toward Megan Nielsen’s Darling Ranges pattern.. here’s yet another one!

Darling Ranges #3
dress: self-made (Darling Ranges by Megan Nielsen), shoes: Modcloth

I saw some really gorgeous sleeveless ones so I decided to make this one sans sleeves. I almost like it better than the ones with sleeves! Definitely a different look. I also decided to add a faux-collary thing to this one. Totally experimental but I think it turned out really cute. This collar’s pointy but I think I’ll have to experiment with a Peter Pan collar next.

Here’s a fun instagrammed close up of the collar detail.

This is definitely one of my favorite things I’ve ever sewn because it fits me PERFECTLY. No joke. By some miracle every bit of it fits like a glove. I added back darts to this one and eliminated the back ties and I love it!

Darling Ranges #3

It’s been chilly lately so I’ve been pairing this with a long cardigan and some tights. Can’t wait to wear it out as a summer dress!

PS If you’re looking for ideas on variations of this pattern, check out Megan Nielsen’s Darling Ranges board on Pinterest!

Floral pretties

I’m not sure why or when this started but I’ve been obsessed with florals lately. Obsessed.

I’m also slightly obsessed with this pattern! I love the cap sleeves and the amount of gathering in the skirt is perfect for surreptitious twirls.

dress: self-made (02/2011 #101 by Burda Style Magazine), belt & headband: F21, shoes: Modcloth

Edit: Here’s a photo of the back!


PS lookit my new sandals! I bought them as a yay-you’re-done-with-year-one-of-grad-school gift to myself. Sadly, I think they might be going back because my feet are super wide and they just don’t look that great on me. Boo.

Look, unflattering feet!


It’s ok though, it’s possible that I have a pair of sandals from Lotta from Stockholm on their way to me..