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Finished Project: Hermione’s Fair Isle sweater

Hermione Fair Isle

Pattern: Of Hallows and Horcruxes by Megan Murray
Yarn: Knit Picks Wool of the Andes worsted weight in Lake Ice Heather, Arctic Pool Heather, White, and Mist
Started: February 22, 2011
Finished: March 4, 2011

Ravelry page

I know I’ve been promising to post pictures of this for ages, anddd here it is, finally!

I’m still so glad I decided to redo this sweater. The first version was definitely a learning experience but thinking back, I really had no idea what I was doing. I contemplating lining the hood on this one like the other one, but I really like it better as a thicker cardigan than as a fluffy heavy knitted coat, which is more of the effect I got with the lining.

Hermione Fair Isle

I am also contemplating redoing the sleeves, at least several inches up the arm. Right now they’re really wide and kind of shorter than I would like. For some reason I feel awkward about my wrists so I like being able to hide my hands up to where the fingers start. Plus, from looking at a lot of the movie stills, I noticed that in most of the scenes she has the sleeves folded down to normal sleeve length so I think they’re supposed to be ridiculously long.

Hermione Fair Isle

Not gonna lie, these are waist-up photos because I’m wearing tiny little running shorts. What can I say, it’s laundry day. 🙂

*edit* Yeah, I went back and did some ripping and made the sleeves extra long. Now it’s super cuddly.

I’ve been getting some questions about commissions. If you’re interested in knitting this sweater yourself, Megan Murray on Ravelry is selling a lovely multi-sized pattern on Ravelry for $5. Just follow the link on the top of the page.

If you’d like one knitted for you based on my set of haphazardly scribbled notes that can barely be called a pattern and therefore is not for sale, send me an email at with your chest size for a quote. Just remember that this is a full on sweater with a hood, which means it can get quite time consuming and therefore on the expensive side.


-Bullets because tired.

-I just finished day three of my new job and while I’m loving it, I’m also still adjusting to this grown-up sleep schedule.

-I have more yarns coming in from Knit Picks hopefully sometime next week!

-I’m still working on my Beatnik sweater (see previous post for link; as mentioned, am tired), but it’s going a lot slower now that I’m at work all day. Still amazed at how unwindingly relaxing it is to come home and snuggle up with some C6BP/RT’s.

-Note to self: start posting pictures of finished projects. Like, nice ones not taken with poorly aimed phone.



Hello New York


This hat is an ego boost. It took me less than a day to finish it, I used up some leftover scrap yarn that was just going to sit in a pile anyway, and it’s slouchy and lovely. The pattern is called Hello New York and it’s really quite simple.

I actually changed it up a bit because I was running out of the pale peach colored yarn (leftover from my Hermione gloves) and I didn’t feel like I should be running out to buy more of something I was just trying to use up in the first place. Instead of repeating the six peach rows and two pink rows five times before starting to decrease, I did it four times, started the decrease, and ended up with two rows of pink at the very top. I also used worsted weight yarn (doubled) instead of DK weight yarn anyway like the pattern calls for so it would have ended up ginormous if I’d kept going with the extra pattern repeat.

It also made me feel less of a failure as I worked on my first sock ever, which I keep alternating between worrying that it’s going to end up far too huge or that blocking it is going to be entirely ineffective and it’s just going to be lumpy.




I’m totally in love with the pattern though. And the reindeer.


Applications for graduate school are due tomorrow –most of them anyway. This has, of course, resulted in a lot of stress which has in turn led to a lot of knitting breaks to maintain a certain level of sanity.

And so I present you with a progress photo.


I’ve got the ribbing done on the other sleeve. If I finish this today (and by “if” I mean “when”), I’ll have made 2.89 sweaters in three weeks. I think I have problems.

Andd here’s one of me wearing my cabled Hermione hat. I ended up adding some elastic to the ribbed part because it was really just too loose. Now it’s slightly too tight. Might have to adjust the elastic so my ears don’t fall asleep.


I just wanted to pop in and say hello before I disappear again for a few weeks. I’m currently taking a break from attempting to pack everything I own into my tiny Camry, which I’m going to be driving up to northern California tomorrow. Then next Tuesday I’m hopping on a plane to fly to London and then Montpeller, France! I’ll be over there until about a week after the New Year so don’t think I’ve died if I don’t write for another month.

Sadly, this means my latest bout of costume inspiration has to be put on hold, but do expect a lot of Deathly Hallows costumes to be popping up on here soon. Moving back into a cold-weather-zone (yes, I realize that 40 F is nothing to complain about but I’ve been living in San Diego for five years!) has caused a sort of obsession to own Hermione’s entire wardrobe. I’m even dying to teach myself how to knit a Fair Isle sweater so I can make that gorgeous gray hoodie cardigan she wears. And don’t even get me started on the red dress.

Yup, movies are dangerous.

Anyway, I haven’t done much sewing lately because I started packing, which meant all of my sewing supplies were put in boxes, which for some reason makes it difficult to sew.

And now, back to packing..