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Finished Project: Aidez


Pattern: Aidez by Cirilia Rose
Yarn: Lion Brand Chunky in Wheat, 6 skeins (I think)
Started: April 22, 2011
Finished: May 12, 2011

Ravelry page

I’m pretty terrible at posting photos of FO’s, I know.

This sweater was my I’m-tired-of-staring-at-forest-green-and-doing-one-kind-of-cable-until-my-eyes-and-fingers-are-bleeding-simultaneously project whilst I was scrambling to finish Boyfriend’s birthday present on time. I wanted something interesting without being too complicated to be a side project, but also something quick. Why I didn’t choose a hat or mittens or even socks is beyond me.


It’s a little thicker than I thought it was going to be, but I think that will end up being a good thing when I move to the Boston, or as I’ve been referring to it, the Land of Ice and Snow.

My only gripe with this pattern is that the designer made an error with the lattice cabling in the back, and made the chart/directions in the pattern match her mistake. She points it out clearly in the photo but I would’ve liked another mention of it in the directions as you begin the lattice work. Maybe a huge red “THIS IS INCORRECT” next to the row in question so I wouldn’t have ended up ripping out eight inches of cabling because I didn’t realize I was recreating her mistake.


I love when sweaters look tons more complicated than they actually are.



Today I came home to a lovely surprise waiting for me by my door.

Needless to say, I was full of squee’s.

This one’s going to be Damask, which I’m pretending doesn’t scare me.

Malabrigo sock - ochre

It’s SO squish. I can’t stop petting it. And I didn’t expect it to get here so soon! I was expecting it to get here early next week, by which point I would have finished Peak’s Island and therefore be allowed to start a new project.

Malabrigo sock - ochre

I can make an exception to my own rules for Malabrigo yarns right?

I’m going to be so toasty in Boston.

I’m on the brink of drowning in WIPs.

I think I’m going to need to impose a rule for myself. I’m now officially only allowed to start one new project for every WIP I finish. As in off the needles, pinned to the ground, and waiting to dry.

Oh but look at this lovely squishy circle scarf I just found!


Actually this might not be as difficult as it sounds, seeing as how in all reality most of my WIPs are only a few hours away from becoming FOs.

Take Aidez for example. I started this one only a few days ago and I’m already done with the back and nearly finished with one of the side panels. I could definitely finish the whole thing this weekend if it weren’t for the Super Secret Project. Although at the rate I’m going I’ll probably finish it anyway while the Super Secret Project weeps under my bed.

Aidez progress

Sidenote: I was so excited about knitting this that I took a picture so I could blog about it. Except I was so excited about knitting it that instead of blogging about it, I knitted more and now it’s more than double its current length and this photo is officially outdated.

Another sidenote: I have a huge box of awesome amazing looseleaf jasmine tea at home that I’ve started bringing to work in a small ziploc baggy. It pretty much looks like a bag of weed.

Going back to WIPS (my mind is kind of a disorganized arena of clutter today, can you tell?), I’m going through my current projects in my head and I mostly just have really stupid blocks on all of them.

-Beatnik: finished back and sleeves, 20% done with front piece but the fifteen different cable techniques requires constant checking of the pattern which means I can’t really be doing much else simultaneously.

-Peaks Island: I’m currently missing the motivation and brainless mood required to complete 9″ of pure seed stitch.

-Little Birds: I think I just have a mental block against fingering weight yarn right now seeing as how I’ve been primarily working on a bulky project and it would just feel so slow in comparison.

-Super Secret Project: It’s just the looming deadline that’s getting to me, so of course I keep procrastinating. Makes perfect sense, mm?

Anddd it’s time for another mug of tea because my eyelids are getting droopy.