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Jeansjeans: self-drafted // sweater: hand-knitted

These are the jeans I drafted for my pants drafting class!

I’m so so thrilled with these jeans. The only jeans pattern I’d tried before were the Jamie jeans by Named, which I adored, but only after I made tons of changes to the fit, by which point the legs were totally offgrain and the inseam would be pointing outward.  Plus, even though I now know how to fix the fit properly, it’s always nice to have a pattern for plain, simple jeans. They definitely worked, but not ideal. I now have a basic pant draft from which I made a basic jean draft (which has basically no ease because let’s be honest, I’m usually dressed like a sausage. Or a cupcake).

This is round 2 of tweaking this pattern and I’m pretty happy with the way these jeans turned out! I used the same book and same pants draft I used for my overalls: . Once I get everything properly tweaked, my plan is to make like three pairs of skinnies and then a pair or two of flares or bootcut jeans. So far for my wearable muslins I’ve been using a really shitty stretch denim I got at Sewfisticated in Boston. It’s just kind of crunchy-feeling and the recovery really doesn’t last that long. It’s only $2.50/yard though so it makes perfect muslins and then I can just wear them until they wear out a few months later.

For this nicer pair, I bought a scrumptious stretch denim at Stone Mountain and Daughter in Berkeley that took me like a week to build up the courage to cut into. It’s just so soft and buttery and makes me do a happy dance. I think I have enough for another pair of skinny jeans, or at least a pair of shorts, and I’m thinking I’ll need to go back and pick up some more for the flares.

All the jeans!

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    1. Thank you! And yes, Stone Mountain has a really great selection of both stretch and non-stretch denim, in a couple different weights. I spent a good ten minutes just petting bolts before I even started looking for what I needed. 😂

  1. These pants are so great! Im glad you’re back to posting. Life gets busy for all of us, but I love your makes! Definitely very sewspiration inducing. I’m currently working on my first pair of pants in many years. I ripped apart a well fitting pair of h&m pants for the pattern. Made a couple tweaks to be pattern but have yet to cut out the fabric. Wish me luck!

    1. Thank you!! I’ve really missed blogging! It was pretty tough trying to keep up with it during school but I’m almost done so I’ve finally had time to get back to it. And oh how exciting, good luck!!

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