Adventures in drafting // red wedding

Red dress

Red dress

Red dress

Red dress

Red dress

Red dresspattern: self-drafted // shoes: Cathy Jean

Haha just kidding. My friends’ wedding was lovely! No murderous musicians.

Anyway, I made this dress because a day before hopping on a plane to DC, I realized that every dress I owned was either black, white, one of the wedding colors, or more appropriate for winter.  So, I took a break from the Epic Peacoat Copycat of July to draft a quick pattern and then made an extremely panicked trip to Joann’s.


I had found this photo somewhere on Pinterest (not sure where the original is from!) and wanted to do kind of a high-ish front, low-ish back sort of thing. I basically just lowered the neckline ~2″ and drew a new flatter neckline, did a sleeveless adjustment (bring armholes up 1/2″ and in 1/2″), then drew connecting curves from the new armhole up to the corner of the new neckline. Then I contoured the crap out of all it and moved the bust darts up and turned them into princess lines. The back was easy, I just repeated the sleeveless adjustment, closed the waist dart, and drew a line from from the armhole dipping lower at center back.

I didn’t have much time for tweaking but I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out! We were going through a bit of a heat wave last week so I was way too hot and miserable (and lacking in time) to deal with figuring out a bra for this one so I decided to just go bra-les. Eh, it worked out I think.


How cool is this fabric though?? I briefly considered adding trim or some other detailing to the dress but a) no time, and b) it really didn’t need it because of the cool texturing. Also, thank you Great British Sewing Bee for teaching me that even more subtle patterns should really be centered.

(Yes, it’s still bothering me that I was totally off on this dress but I feel slightly redeemed after getting it right this time.)

In other news, all this red is making me miss my red hair.

12 thoughts on “Adventures in drafting // red wedding”

  1. Lovely drafting, perfect fit! I like the subtle halter top, not too high/narrow. Just out of curiosity (after months of sweating through 8 wedding dress prototypes) what wedding dress would you consider making for yourself?

    1. Thanks! Ooh wedding dresses. I’ve thought about this a lot because I’ve always wanted to make my own and I’ve narrowed it down to three designs: 1) something sleek and silky that’s mostly backless with a lot of lace and beading detail, 2) something huge and poufy with tons of tulle and cupcakedness, and 3) something 1700’s French-inspired. Basically I need to have a three-part wedding with costume changes. -_-

      What designs have you been considering??

      1. You would most definitely rock all three looks. Why not three dresses? It’s your party! 1 for ceremony, 1 for dinner, 1 for party. Beatrice Borromeo who married Pierre of Monaco had 5 couture gowns:

        I would have loved a poufy tulle one too, but I feel too old for it, so I ended up making it for my 6 year old daughter. I retrospect it could have been a lot poufier. I just posted it, if you a minute.

  2. Your dress is stunning and you look gorgeous, red really suits you and love the pattern you have made.

  3. Lovely , really flattering – glad you completed it in time to catch the plane ! Would look good with red hair ?

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