adventures in patterndrafting // Mood fabrics giveaway

linen shirt dress

linen shirt dress

linen shirt dress

linen shirt dress

linen shirt dress

linen shirt dressdress: self-drafted // shoes: Swedish Hasbeens

Hi everyone! My latest patterndrafting adventure is over on the Mood blog today!

This dress is based on this Anthropologie dress. I actually saw it in the store, completely fell head over heels, and then went home and pinned it and started plotting to draft a pattern for it so I could make an army of them in different colors to wear this summer. So it was pretty serendipitous when Mood contacted me about doing a blog post AND had just gotten a bunch of gorgeous linens in.

You can check out the rest of the details over on the Mood Sewciety blog.

As a fun bonus, I’m also giving away  a $50 gift card to Mood, usable online or in-store. Just comment below telling me what you’re most excited to sew this summer!

This giveaway is open to US readers only (sorry, international friends!) and will be open until midnight Saturday, June 11. The winner will be announced shortly after.

Giveaway is now closed!

Also, unrelated but I totally didn’t realize my dress was the same color as my mom’s house until I went out to take photos.

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  1. I’m getting ready to start working on a copycat of Grace’s blue/green dress from season 2 of Peaky Blinders.

  2. Thank you so much for patterning this dress and this blog post. I live in NC and we just don’t have much Spring any longer. Our temps in May were in the high 80’s with lots of humidity this upcoming week will be in the high 80’s and low 90’s with lots of humidity and we will probably stay with these temps (and some higher) for the rest of the summer. The humidity is what bothers me so much with these high temps. I decided last month that dresses were going to be my main wardrobe for the summer! So I’ve been switching out my art quilt supplies for my sewing supplies for awhile so I can make dresses. I love the way you designed the arm hole for this dress and I like the way you designed a nice waist with the skirt being away from the body (for these hot days!) – it is just right without being too full. You are so talented! Using linen will be a delight as well. Thank you!

  3. I desperately want to sew a wide-leg jumpsuit. I need to decide if I want a knit one or a lightweight cotton one. Decisions decisions.

  4. Thank you for hosting this! I’m excited to sew a kimono beach cover up for my vacation. Loving the outfit that you sewed!

  5. I want an army of T-shirt and tank dresses this summer, so I’m trying to find the perfect patterns and fabric combinations!

  6. I’m so impressed by your pattern drafting. Pretty photos, too 🙂 I’m excited to sew this summer the vanamo dress by named patterns. I’m planning to use that pug neoprene fabric from Mood. I love Mood!

  7. I am most excited to sew t-shirts and some yoga skirts and possibly a maxi skirt for some variety.

  8. I’m happy to get time to sew anything, but at the top of the list are two shirt dresses–one in chambray and one in eyelet– and some dressy tees for work.

  9. Your dress is lovely! Unfortunately, I have a lot of practical, unexciting sewing in my queue this summer… things for my kids and summer pajamas for myself.

  10. I plan to make some lightweight dresses that won’t wrinkle every time I sit down! Also love the idea of a wide-leg jumpsuit that was mentioned above.

  11. I’m impressed with your pattern drafting skills on such a structured dress. I’m looking to make more dresses myself for summer. I only have made two (I make a lot of separates) so I need to up my dress game.

  12. Super cute! I am obsessed with linen for this summer. My plan is to sew everything in linen! Been stocking up on interesting vintage linen off ebay — I just got a crazy one (that’s probably supposed to be curtains) that is a very large-scale print of medieval knights and ships and princesses. I’m thinking an Inari or VFKW Uptown top for that one.

  13. For me it’s definitely the summer of short dresses. Love yours, especially the pleats on the front but not the back, I’d never have thought of that

  14. I’ve been sewing things to keep my cool but protected from the sun [hello redhead!] I would definitely be looking for cotton!

  15. This summer, I’m most excited to sew myself good activewear! I need a bunch of gym clothes so I don’t have to do laundry every time I run.

  16. Love the dress, the colour is perfect for you. I’m going to make an attempt at swimwear next and am excited to have something flattering and comfortable (hopefully). I’m going to use Seamwork’s Dakota and Reno duo!

  17. I’m most excited to sew some bathing suits. I have fabric for one, but have get to get started. After that I’d like to make some shorts. I bought the newest shorts pattern from Seamwork to make. I also will probably make a skirt for my mom for work.

  18. I have a gorgeous piece of printed silk chiffon for a maxi-dress, am really in need of tackling bra making and have plans for 2 more pairs of jeans.

  19. I can’t bring my sewing machine with me to college, so now that I’m home for the summer I’m really just so excited to be able to sew anything again! I’m especially excited to make a shortened, top length version of the Verb for Keeping Warm Endless Summer Tunic, out of some gorgeous green floral Nani Iro double gauze.

  20. Very nice!! I’ve drafted a pattern for capris and of course, it it linen blouse time!!

  21. This dress is beautiful! I have a thing for shirtdresses and the skirt with the pleats looks extra pretty. (not participating, btw., I’m not from the US! But I love the long, warm evenings :))

  22. I am a student as well and I can’t wait to dive into my sewing. I have a few patterns already picked out and are just waiting for me to get done with finals. my first in line is going to be New Look pattern 6587 style B, which is funny because it’s a shirt dress as well. I have this awesome rayon navy blue fabric with small white flamingos on it that I am going to use. I can’t wait.

  23. Beautiful dress! I’m hoping to sew some tops for myself- both in knits and some wovens. Thank you!!

  24. I’m not exactly sure what garment pattern I will use, but I just bought my first 2 yards of double gauze fabric and am anxious to make something beautiful with it for my summer wardrobe.
    You are right, your dress and your mom’s house color match exactly! The color looks great on you (and the house) 🙂 !

  25. This dress is perfect for you, Ping. Must be very satisfying to make. xox

  26. That dress looks amazing! I’m looking forward to sewing up some swimwear so I have something that fits.

  27. I think I would like to summon up my courage to finally tackle sewing an elegant hoodie.

    PS that dress is super -cute on you!

  28. Love the dress! I’m planning on sewing a couple of sleeveless linen maxi dresses (cut on the bias for some shape) this summer – they should be nice and cool during the worst of the heat and humidity.

  29. I’ve been admiring the linen fabrics on Mood’s website but couldn’t make up my mind! I love what you’re done with linen and your description of the fabric is helpful. Thanks!

  30. I am sewing a few casual cotton blouses for summer. I want a change from my normal T-shirts. Your dress is very flattering on you – great job!

  31. I moved to San Francisco back in November and I’m excited to sew some things that work for this climate! Less Boston wool, more Bay Area layers!

  32. Lovely! I’m looking forward to making up a full skirt in mustard-colored linen– a new venture for me both in style and color!

  33. Your dress came out awesome! Count me in for the giveaway. I have a long list of things I’m excited to sew. I want to make some cigarette pants for work, a bunch of easy tanks and a couple breezy dresses. We’ll see what I get done ;o).

  34. Pretty dress! I’m eager to sew some summer appropriate wear. Maybe some nursing-friendly tops/dresses? Definitely girl dresses for my new baby!

  35. I need several sleeveless tops and a couple of light dresses to wear in the late summer heat.

  36. Easy, throw-on dresses to wear every day of the week and keep me cool in my AC-less apartment.

  37. I am shorts this year but after seeing yiur dress I am inspired to draft my own dress pattern.

  38. Love your dress.
    I’m most exited about making a new party dress we have a few formal occasions to attend this summer and fall and I need a new stunning dress as my old once wont fit my new pregnant body, The first thing that happen was that my bust size went up 8 cm so I hardly have anything that fits any more, but on the bright side I get to plan and sew a new wardrobe from scratch.
    Have a wonderful summer Nicolina.

  39. Absolutely gorgeous and love your fabric choice. I have just found out I am pregnant so plan to sew a baby quilt. I have never done any quilting before so this will be a totally new experience for me xx

  40. This dress is beautiful!! Totally smitten with the color and the pattern drafting – so well done! I think my summer sewing will be mostly using up odds and ends pieces of fabric to make clothes for the kiddos. Not terribly exciting, but it will be refreshing to finally use up some fabrics! Oh, and at least one strapy summer dress for me 😉

  41. Although I typically exist in anything knit, I’ve recently been sewing garments from woven fabrics. Yesterday I constructed two summer dresses – one from a black gauze and another from nice striped broadcloth. I think woven dresses are on the docket for me this summer. No decisions to makes other than what jewelry and which sandals to wear!

  42. Beautiful dress! I just bought a vintage tennis set that I’m excited to copy with some fun fabric!

  43. I’m really excited about my next version of the By Hand London Anna dress! I’m using a mauve silk organza as an overlay, which is embroidered and reminded me greatly of bacteria slides (because my inner nature geek comes out on the question of fabric). The body fabric is a mauve silk crepe. I can’t think of a time when I’ve ever said mauve so much, but I think it’s because I’m so excited about this dress becoming a reality.

    The Mood linens are fantastic. I couldn’t resist purchasing a couple of yards of the olive linen.

  44. All the summer dresses. That look like they belong in the 70s. And feature weird florals. Yes!

  45. As soon as I’m done with my current batch of bathing suits, I really want to sew some Deer & Doe patterns, namely the Datura blouse and Belladone dress. I’d also like to make some shorts. Your dress looks beautiful! You did a great job.

  46. I’m preparing to sew bridesmaid dresses for my upcoming wedding in December. I’m modifying the seamwork Catarina dress. I don’t know whether to be excited or scared out of my wits for deciding to do this.

  47. I love this dress! Eventually I want to draft one similar to it, but at the moment I’m so excited to make a mock wrap top dress with a narrow a-line skirt out of a Ralph Lauren silk brocade that I recently found.

  48. I am most excited to sew vintage inspired dresses for wearing to my office job. Pleated skirts with fitted bodices and fun sheaths are going to be all me this summer. I also have plans to make a nice light sleeveless blouse that can be worn on its own in the summer and under a blazer in the colder months. I always get tired up about sewing as soon as the warm weather hits because I love making dresses so much!

  49. I’m excited to make my wedding guest dress out of a new Liberty of London print! And also a pair of woven Hudson pants!

  50. I’ve been wanting to make a pair of overalls/dungaree’s forever. I’m going to use Pauline Alice’s Turia Dungaree pattern to make a pair of short ones in black twill and then hopefully a longer denim version!

  51. I’m planning to finally find the perfect t-shirt by making it myself! I’ve got several pieces of rayon that I want to make into comfortable dresses. I’ve never sewn with challis before.

  52. Beautiful! I’m hoping this will be the summer that I finally tackle the shirt dress…although I’m probably most excited to sew my own army (of skirts!).

  53. Ah, so pretty! And it lies so smoothly along your back! Swoon!

    I’ve actually sewn my most-excited piece – a lightweight jacket! – but runners-up would be some tanks and tees and maybe a summer-weight sweatshirt. This is my summer of the top.

  54. Such gorgeous fabric and a lovely dress!

    As for my summer sewing plans I want to sew dresses/ outfits for two weddings I’m attending in August.

  55. This is super cute! I also saw a dress I loved at Anthropologie, but I wish I had your design chops to make it! It was actually very similar (shirt dress with front ties) and it had tiny popsicles all over it!! Perhaps I will take a stab at it using your mods as guidance 🙂 I am super excited to sew some shirt dresses and shift dresses for the summer!

  56. Like you I am most excited to make a shirtdress–your’s is absolutely beautiful and I was so hoping it was a pattern available for purchase! That makes me more impressed with your skill set–great job and hopefully i will get to my own shirtdress soon!

  57. The fit on your dress looks fabulous! Skirts and tops are my favorite summer ‘go to’ outfit because they transition nicely into my start of school wardrobe come August. My sewing lineup includes several linen, silk cotton, and cotton shells along with a couple of skirts. I am most excited about sewing a Ralph Pink Milena top in a soft blue linen.

  58. Your dress is so pretty! It makes me want to copy it too, lol. I’m actually most excited to sew shirt dresses this summer. I’ve had a few on my list to make up and I love wearing them but have yet to do the work to get one fitting right. I really want to finally make up the Bleuet dress. THanks for the amazing giveaway! That would certainly help make dreams a reality 🙂

  59. I need to whip out a few easy, breezy sun dresses for summer. I work from home, so an easy, one-piece outfit is perfect to throw on and will get lots of wear. I love this dress you’ve made!

  60. I’m excited to make culottes and cardigans, actually. We’ve had a bit of a heat wave here in Seattle this past week, but typically our summer evenings can get fairly chilly, so it’s good to have a lightweight outer layer to put on as the sun goes down.

  61. I’m making my wedding dress this summer! As well as a bridesmaid dress and two other special occasion dresses with a deadline… But I want to sew a swimsuit.

  62. My sewing list is so long this summer! One thing I really want to make is a beach hoodie, from uv protective fabric. I also really want to make some more linen pants, I can’t get enough of them!

  63. I’m getting serious about garment sewing for myself after not sewing for years and years and years. I’ve made and have immediate plans for just about everything to wear this summer- tops, bottoms, swimwear, and jammies. You know what’s left? Some lingerie, maybe a Watson bra with some matching knickers!

  64. I am on a kick where I want to sew ALL the pretty sundresses and maxi dresses! I just did a slinky maxi hack of the Closet Case Files Nettie pattern, so next I want to do something more flowy and sweet.

  65. I’m excited to be drafting my own summer dresses. Self drafted princess seam skater dress on the table now! Thanks for the opportunity to get some Mood fabric! Love that shade of purple on you!

  66. Beautiful! This summer it’s all about linen dresses for me. Your dress is an inspiration.

  67. I recently moved out to Arizona so I’m going to take advantage of the hot weather and use it as a push to learn how to make shorts! It’ll be my first experiment in pants, so we’ll see how it goes, but I’m also really excited to be able to buy tons of different prints and fabrics since each pair of shorts uses way less fabric than I’m used to!

  68. What a beautiful dress and lovely house-matching! 😉 This summer, I’m looking forward to making my first shirtdress (probably McCall’s M7351) and Cashmerette’s Upton dress.

  69. Lovely giveaway! I’m very excited to be sewing maternity clothes! Not for me, for my daughter. My first grandbaby is due in December and I’m happily gathering supplies for some summer maternity tops for my daughter.

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