Linden + Jamie


1: top: Linden sweatshirt // shorts: American Eagle
2: top: Linden sweatshirt // pants: Jamie Jeans

Check out my review of the Linden over at the Dress Up Party!

In other news, I’ve been a bit of a Jamie Jeans factory lately. I realized that I’ve had exactly two pairs of jeans for the past year (or however long it’s been since I discovered I could make jeans and got rid of all my RTW pants) and that this is probably problematic. I made these a few weeks ago as a summery pair and I’ve been wearing the crap out of them. I used an 11oz denim with a tiny bit of stretch from

These were almost a disaster. I forgot that I hadn’t thrown the fabric in the dryer when I pre-washed, and accidentally machine dried them after washing the sewn jeans for the first time. Suddenly tiiiny pants. Luckily I had had to take them in on the sides so my seam allowances were more than 3/8″ so I was able to take out the seams a bit and now they fit great! I also shortened them to more of an ankle length and they’re great with sandals and summery shoes.

Now I should probably invest in some summery shoes.

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  1. You’re such a clever chicken! I love both of those Linden tops, they are so gorgeous. I thought this blog post was initially about you remaking your jeans cause the tops look store bought. Except of course you made them, you’re just super talented and your review is on the other site. Well done, they are so pretty! I love the lace on the blue one and the sequins sleeves on the black. I’m back to being in winter so the long sleeve one looks like an awesome option. I was loving having summer for an extra 3 weeks! xx

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