Adventures in bra dyeing

Turquoise bra

I think I’ve had turquoise on the brain for months now because of Elsa. One result of this is that I bought a lovely white bra kit from Grey’s with the intention of dyeing it and then decided on turquoise. Shocker.

It was a really interesting experiment though and I’m pretty excited about repeating it! I knew going into it that the different fiber contents of the different materials meant that they would each take up different amounts of dye but I hadn’t realized they would turn out to be completely different shades. This one reminds me of Giselle from Enchanted for some reason. I want to try doing one with a red dye to see if I can get shades of pink and red.

Now off to sew this up into a bra!

3 thoughts on “Adventures in bra dyeing”

    1. Definitely true! When my first batch of neon bra notions came out banana yellow the perfectionist in me was horrified. :]

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