Bioluminescent bewbs + bra supply list

Neon Marlborough

Neon Marlborough

Neon Marlborough

Neon MarlboroughBra: pattern here, fabrics and supplies listed below // Undies: pattern here

*Fabric for this project was provided by Funki Fabrics. All opinions, day-glo predilections, and dyeing skillz are my own.

When Funki Fabrics contacted me a few months ago about sending me some fabric, my first thought was “I NEED GALAXY LEGGINGS.” Then they sent a follow-up email suggesting I try out their stretch lace since I’d been making so many Marlborough bras and my mind immediately went to “I NEED A NEON BRA.” I’m not totally sure where this sudden attraction to day-glow colors came from but I’m going with it.

For this project, I picked out a neon lace for the main outer fabric, a coordinating mesh fabric for lining the upper cup, and a neon matte lycra to line the rest of the bra. The rest of the materials were from a large order of lingerie supplies from Sew Sassy a while ago. Since I’ve had some people ask about where I got this “kit”, here’s a list of everything I used to make this (based on the Marlborough pattern since that’s what I made):

  • Neon lace – I wanted this bra to be lace all over so I cut out all of the Marlborough pieces in lace except for the Band. This lace is so awesome to sew. It looks delicate and almost like crochet lace but is substantial enough to go through the sewing machine without snagging or being obnoxious.
  • Neon matte lycra – I used this as my lining. I cut this out in all pieces except the Upper Cup and Band. It’s so soft and bright without being gross and shiny.
  • Neon stretch net – I used this to line the Upper Cup and to as the outer layer of the Band because the Techsheen wasn’t the right shade of neon. This stuff was just thin enough to be a second layer without being too delicate to work with. 
  • 1/2″ White Nylon Coated Bra Strap Slides (B967NC) – The nylon coated hardware is great because it takes acid dye really well! 
  • 1/2″ White Nylon Coated Bra Strap Rings (B970NC)
  • White Tubular Channeling (CH922WH) – This stuff is satiny and adds a lot of support. I still want to try making a bra that uses this channeling and no actual underwires.
  • White 3 eye Hook & Eye Tape (HE952wh) – I bought 1/4 yard each of this in black and white and just cut off however many hook/eyes I need for a particular bra (32D takes 3 while 34C takes 2). It dyes really well too.
  • White Techsheen Fabric (TechS312) – I used this for the Band. It’s low stretch and very supportive and dyes really well.
  • Underwires I’ve tried both the UW920 and the flex lite UW927 underwires and honestly haven’t noticed a difference in comfort. I’m also not an underwire expert so probably can’t be too helpful in this area.
  • 1/2″ White Satin Strapping Plush Elastic (PE540wh) – I love these straps! Super comfortable and easy to dye.
  • 5/8″ Finishing Plush Elastic (PE440) – This stuff is interesting because the 5/8″ elastic takes acid dye really well on the plush side and not at all on the elastic side, but the 3/8″ elastic barely takes any dye at all anywhere. Luckily it’s all on the inside and not noticeable at all.
  • 3/8″ Finishing Plush Elastic (PE400)
  • 1/4-3/8″ regular picot-edge elastic For the top edge of the upper cups. Mine didn’t take dye at all.
  • Dharma acid dye in Fluorescent Lemon This stuff is incredible but make sure you start off with a tiny amount because it’s so vivid. My first batch turned out banana yellow because I used way too much.

I absolutely loved working with these fabrics from Funki Fabrics! I was a bit worried about the fabrics being too stretchy but the combination I used seems to work great. Plus the colors coordinated perfectly so the whole bra is just a lovely glowing set.

Apparently my neon kick is sticking around because (as you may have seen on Instagram) I’ve recently dyed another bra set hot pink and then purchased some neon coral lace for a Watson set.

Prepare to have your retinas burned out.

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  1. I actually love this! Thank you for putting down a comprehensive list of supplies, including fabric. I find that other blogs explain the fabric but often don’t put down a supplier and so I’ve been concerned that if I jump on the bra bandwagon, I’ll end up with a shitty bra because I picked the wrong fabric. So thanks!

    1. I’m so glad you found it helpful! I ran into the same issue where I kept getting descriptions of what fabric was for and just list of shops to go to but then they’d have 5 variations and I’d be lost.

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