Hungerween // giveaway winner

Katniss tribute parade
me in Katniss’ tribute parade dress

Effie Trinket butterfly dress
my roomie made Effie Trinket’s amazing Alexander McQueen butterfly dress (yes those are individual butterfly wings and yes she’s promised to do a guest post on how she did it.)

Johanna Mason
my sister as Johanna Mason in the Mockingjay promos

boyfriend as Cinna

Caesar Flickerman
roomie’s brother as Caesar Flickerman


If you’ve been following my instagram you’ll know that Halloween this year sort of turned into Hungerween what with a group of us choosing Hunger Games related costumes. I think it started when my roomie decided she wanted to make Effie Trinket’s butterfly dress from Catching Fire. And then it exploded.

We spent the better part of the last month putting together costumes and getting waaay into it. I’m still working on sorting through the 900 photos that were taken Friday night and will definitely be doing individual costume posts!

And since I completely forgot to post this in the midst of Hungerween craziness last week, the winner of the Love at First Stitch giveaway is Lisa!

Screen Shot 2014-11-02 at 11.38.10 AM Screen Shot 2014-11-02 at 11.39.37 AM

Congrats Lisa! Please email me so I can get your book out to you!

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  1. Oh my oh my, these costumes are amazing. Love how you all agreed on the theme and got into character. I bet people asked to take a phot with you all. Can’t wait for a more detail post of the costumes.

  2. This is the most awesome thing I’ve seen on the internet today! (And I’ve spent too much time on the internet today and should probably go do something else now). SO GOOD!

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