Yona coat

Yona coat

Yona coat

Yona coat

Yona coat

Yona coat

Yona coat
outfit 1 – coat: self-made, pattern here* // dress: self-made, blogged here // shoes: Swedish Hasbeens

outfit 2 – same coat // jeans: self-made, pattern here // shoes: Minnetonka

*I received this pattern free of charge from Named and all thoughts, opinions, anecdotes, and sewing mishaps are my own.

Guys, I’m on a coat high here. This Yona is my second coat in two weeks and we’re only halfway through October.

I made this coat coming off a several-week Jamie Jeans streak (hah, who am I kidding? I’ve got two more in the works), during which I had my hand held gently through the entire process due to a highly detailed, highly helpful Flickr tutorial. I was entirely spoiled and not at all used to the coat-making process enough that I could just sort of figure things out as I went along. I pored over the written instructions with the few illustrations of steps and painstakingly did exactly as I was asked. There wasn’t even a sew along! Usually I am useless without a sew along. I only screwed up a few times (e.g. I forgot to include the collar in the neckline seam..) and one thing I could not for the life of me figure out was how to sew the bottom of the sleeve (the wrist area) to the lining. That kind of coat lining origami was beyond me so I just handstitched it and so far it’s holding up fine.

Anyway the point is, this is not a difficult project. It’s not the simplest thing ever but it’s easier to put together than the Anise and the instructions do a great job of telling you what to do. And I made it in a day. If you don’t count the 40min the next morning I spent doing the hem.

I knew when I saw this coat that I wanted it to be a mottled-ish charcoal colored wool and I wanted to wear it unbelted. I wanted it to be oversized and snuggly. I found the fabric and lining at Sewfisticated for cheap so I guess technically this is a very wearable muslin.

I’m SO happy with how it turned out. I sewed a size 34 but I think I might even go up a size next time, at least on the bottom half since the top fits great but the bottom is a bit snug when I pull it closed. I wasn’t sure how the length would be so I added 2″ but I ended up removing it since it’s actually a great length as it is. I guess since I ended up chopping off the extra length I made it pretty much exactly as instructed. The only thing I did add was I stitched a layer of muslin to the wool for an extra layer and for stretching-out-prevention. I only added it to the two front and two back pieces, omitting it from the front facing and the sleeve pieces.

Now if I could just find some huge adorable buttons to stick on.

Yay coats!


12 thoughts on “Coat-in-a-day”

  1. Ping I love your coat, it looks so comfy and versatile. It looks very thick to sew, did your machine cope with it.? Would love a coat like myself.

    1. Hi Mags, thanks so much! It is quite snuggly :] This fabric is kind of thick but lofty and my machine sewed through it with no trouble, even the parts with several layers. (Although to be fair the only time it’s complained was when I was trying to add denim belt loops to a pair of jeans — I believe that was 7 layers of denim.)

    1. I do too :] Coat-making sort of makes me forget about it though! I find myself craving colder weather so I can wear them.

  2. You are a coat-making queen! This looks so great on you; I love it dressed up and down. I’ll be on the lookout for big, awesome buttons!


  3. I’m dying over here! This is so good! I have the pattern but haven’t been able to find the time to make it. Now I want one really, really, REALLY badly! Stop, girl, you’re killing me!

  4. This coat is so beautiful and looks like a delight to wear. I made the Named Andy coat last year but now I have such an urge to drop everything and make this one, too. I love the raglan shaping of the sleeves and your fabric is perfect. The Jamies look amazing, too. I’m the one who posted flickr tutorial, I’m glad to hear it was helpful. The pattern originally came with very cryptic instructions and no pictures which is why I felt there was a need. That and the fact that generally no one wants to attempt pants and jeans least of all. It does seem the Jamie pattern is slowly changing that. If you can sew the things you most want to wear, it’s so empowering.

  5. I love your coat! It looks like the perfect coat to toss on during crisp mornings. I hadn’t considered the pattern before seeing your version, now I’m curious. 😀

  6. I’m a bit late to the game here but I’m about to start work on a Yona coat and was wondering about your sizing.. did you fit straight into a 34 or did you size up? I think I fit about straight into a size 38 but want mine to look about what yours does on you.. I’m 5’2″, 34, 27, 37..


    1. Hi Carla! I’m 5’7″ and 34/26/36 and I did a straight size 34. I would definitely size up to at least a 36 next time I make this coat. I like the way it looks on but I wish it were a little more oversized or at least could fit a sweater or something under it. I think you’d be fine with a 38 or even somewhere between a 36/38. I would err on the size of bigger with this style. Good luck! (Also I added several inches to the length on mine so the pattern should actually hit you in the same spot as drafted.)

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