An axillary beast

Colette Anise

Colette Anise

Colette Anise

Colette Anise

coat: self-made, pattern here // jeans: self-made, pattern here // top: on the blog soon! // shoes: Swedish Hasbeens

I have recently become coat obsessed. I blame Sonja’s coat post from a few weeks ago. I think it’s my way of coping with the sadness of summer being over. Although technically it was 80 degrees this weekend so we’ll see about that.

Anyway, ever since my blazer fiasco last year I’ve been a little hesitant to try anything remotedly bagged or specially lined or tailored. Then for some reason a few weeks ago I decided I needed an Anise and I needed it now. I’d made a first attempt and it had failed spectacularly due to a series of unfortunate decisions. First I bought a wool that was way too lightweight and drapey. Then I decided to compensate by using the stiffest interfacing I could find and getting some weirdly stiff satin for the lining. This resulted in Cardboard Coat.

This time around I used a nice heavy Melton wool and some poly kitties as lining. It’s funny how things work out when you use the right weights of fabric.

I sewed the smallest size and didn’t do much alteration to the pattern other than adding a whopping 4″ to the length. I am not kidding about my long torso. The fit is ok except the shoulders are the tiniest bit tight if I wear much more than a shirt underneath and ohmylord the armpits are tiny. I was griping at sewing club about Colette patterns giving me a complex about my beastly armpits. So next time I’ll go up a size and lower the arm-thingy by an inch at least. (Not sure why I didn’t think to do it this time considering I had to do the same thing with the Laurel and the Sorbetto.) I think I’ll also do some more practice on the bound buttonholes because they’re pulling a bit on that side of the coat.

Other coats I’m drooling over:

-Named is quickly becoming one of my favorites thanks to the Jamie Jeans and this lovely coat. In fact if you saw on Instagram I sort of made this one in one day. It will make it to blogland soonishly.

-The Talea coat from Burdastyle has literally been in my queue for about seven years, waiting for me to be competent enough to be able to make it. I rediscovered it the other day and I think it might be time.

-I think this double breasted boyfriendy look is what I was going for when I made the Anise. I love how the Anise turned out but it’s a very different fit than what I was expecting. Which is silly because “cropped with a huge peter pan collar” doesn’t exactly scream “boyfriendy”.



(Sidenote: I just realized my post title makes it sound like I have monsters living in my armpits. Whoops.)

11 thoughts on “An axillary beast”

  1. Your coat turned out looking amazing! I totally covet your kitty lining, and can’t wait to hear about the top! 🙂

  2. I hope you’re planning to make the hobo bag to go with the boyfriendy coat otherwise what’s the point?

    Love those kitties and beastly armpits!

  3. Great coat! I adore this color. Good to know about the armpit thing…hmmm. I too have a long torso and had to add to the length of my Sorbetto. Thanks for the reminder for this coat.

  4. I understand how you feel with this obsession of coasts because I totally have the same right now! There are so much cute coat patterns, it’s almost unbearable hahaha (I want them all!) I never thought about the Anise pattern though, but the way you sewed yours is just amazing! I love this color and the print on the lining is so cute!
    Looks like I might reconsider this pattern 🙂

  5. I’ve had this patten on my wish list for a while, but I’ve yet to have a go at coat making. Well, I’ve just cut out my first muslin for a simplicity coat, so if that goes well, I’ll maybe try this next. Love the colour on you, xxx

  6. Ah! I just finished my first coat this weekend and I ran into the same issue as your cardboard coat. I used a lightweight wool and a stiff interfacing to compensate. The coat doesn’t suck but it had me cursing in German a lot while I worked on it. I totes love the Talea coat too, btw. 🙂

  7. Sorry about bringing on the coat fever! If it makes you feel any better, I’ve also downloaded the Yona coat and the double-breasted peacoat (I went a little crazy about a week ago and got FOUR Burdastyle coat patterns… on top of my already awful coat pattern collection… it’s an addiction). This looks majorly cute on you and I hear you about the length. I lengthened mine by 2″ and it still feels crazy short to me.

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