1. The Crafty Foxes said a sad goodbye to two Sarahs and an Emily who all moved away resulting in #horribletimes.

2. I made a pair of Prefontaine shorts! I have a cute idea for a matching top so fingers crossed that this works out.

3. Fiiinally finished that stupid dotted Archer and now it’s my favorite damn shirt. Also finished up another pair of Jamie Jeans. I think I’ve figured out the perfect combination of fabric and pattern alterations for the perfect pair of jeans!

4. I randomly decided to pick up knitting again and finished my second Effortless cardigan. Ruv.

5. I’m visiting California briefly and have spent most of the past few days taking luxuriously long naps with this babby. She is very appropriately named Kaylee and has an elusive and bratty does-what-he-wants brother also appropriately named Malcolm.

6. Oh and I also sort of bought a sewing machine. I’ll post a review soon — we’re still getting to know each other but I’m already smitten!

And lastly, Michal Golan is having an end of summer sale! Plus they’re offering an extra $10 off if you use the code “ping014” so if there are any handmade sparklies you’ve been eyeing make sure you go snag ’em before the end of the month!

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