The cat’s pajamas

Cat pajamas

Cat pajamas

Cat pajamas

Cat pajamaspajamas: self-made, pattern here, fabric here

First off, I’m obsessed with this fabric. In fact, all of these are pretty much adorable and amazing and I need them. I have half a yard of the grey/white cat heads but I think I need a summer pajama set in the cream colorway of this fabric. All the meowzers!

Anyway, the moral of the story (of these pajamas) is that I watch too much New Girl. In my defense, Jess spends a lot of time in pajamas and they are always adorable. So I decided I needed my own set of cutesy old man pajamas, complete with piping and short sleeves. I used view B of McCall’s 6249 but with the short sleeves. And I made a contrast bow for the pants but decided it would be huge and uncomfortable so I left it off. I pretty much went according to the pattern except that for the pants and the sleeves I slashed it partway in to attach the contrast piping.

In other news, I learned how to make piping! Turns out it’s not that hard if you can identify which foot is the zipper foot.

My only beef with this pattern is that the front facing seems to be attached weirdly. I’d thought it would extend into the shoulder seam but it’s a bit short and the instructions seem to want you to just fold the edge parallel to the shoulder seam (but about 1″ too short) over and finish itself. The problem then is that it keeps flapping toward the front and the right side is visible in nearly all the photos. I also interfaced it as instructed but that was a bad idea. The fabric is a little on the thick side for this pattern so the neck area ended up being a bit too rigid. I might take it apart and redo the facing and remove the interfacing. Maybe.

In other news, KITTEHS! My favorite part are the happy mice. See if you can spot them.


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  1. aaaahhhh those are adorable!!!!! I was fabric shopping this weekend and *almost* bought a cute cat print to make something…Now I wish I had bought some so I could make pjs like these! The piping was a great detail to add!

    1. Thanks! Piping is my new favorite thing. I’m slightly concerned about ending up looking like a literal bag lady where all my clothes look like they could also be Amy Butler bags. Hehe. Also rule in life: Always buy the cute cat print. Always! ^.^

    1. Oh never you fear. I lived in these for 3 days during our latest heat wave before Boyfriend staged a gentle intervention. ;]

  2. i have this print in another colorway and i have been making as many things as possible with it! thus far: a dress, a skirt, a pair of shorts, a top! PJs are an inspired idea that i may have to steal. they look comfortable and yet – kittehs. awesome.

  3. I’ve got several yards of that fabric in the purple colorway! I bought it planning to make a kitschy dress, but now I’m thinking it might need to be pajamas instead…

  4. Hi, Ping! I was at PR Boston day this past Sat. and didn’t get to talk to you much, but I’m having a great time looking through your blog! I love it. It’s so inspiring, I can’t wait to look through more. Hope to see you at another PR day sometime. I can’t believe you are managing to make all this stuff while going through grad school. I’m inspired! šŸ˜‰

  5. They’re awesome. I was going to do a bit of pajama shopping soon, I really want to try to make these now… yet another project on my ‘to do’ list!

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