Moar maxi

Floral stripe maxi

Floral stripe maxi

Floral stripe maxi

Floral stripe maxi
dress: self-made, self-drafted, fabric here

I lost the stupid screw-on plate thing that attaches to my camera that then slides onto my tripod. It’s meant getting a little creative with outfit photos, which is why I’ve been sitting in all of the maxi dress photos. Boyfriend was making fun of my contortioning in the last photo and I realized I rarely smile in blog photos so I threw that one in.

I’ve spent the past week falling further and further down the rabbit hole of researching sewing machines. Last week I was dead set on getting a Bernina. Then yesterday I was positive that one of the Pfaff Ambitions was what I needed. Today I still want a Pfaff but I’ve decided I also need a vintage Bernina. Probably a 730/830 Record.

I’m currently sewing on a borrowed really basic Brother that only sometimes likes to play nice, and my machine back home is a pretty basic Janome. After over a decade of sewing I think I want something a little fancier. Especially since playing around on the machines at Grey’s made me realize that no, you’re not supposed to have to fight that hard to make a straight line.

Sidenote: IDT sounds amazing. Not having to shell out an extra $100 for a walking foot also sounds amazing.

So yeah, any sewing machine advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    1. Ooh how do you like the Gabriola skirt?? I keep seeing it on people and it looks so flowy and gorgeous. And thanks for the review link!!

  1. I have my Mom’s Bernina 730 and is the BEST machine! I took it in for a service when I first got it down to Texas after having not used it for a few years and the technician said it was in perfect condition. I also have a new fancy schmancy Bernina Artista, but tend towards my older machine more often than not. It is easy to use, is very durable and generally has no problems. I’m a dyed in the wool Bernina user, but to be completely honest I’ve never used another brand. Happy shopping!

    1. Is your Bernina the old Record 730?? I’m 90% sure that’s the one I want, although I keep waffling between that one and the Record 830. Is it hard to find presser feet for it? I’m endlessly confused by telling the difference between the old style feet and the old old style feet.

  2. I was using a really really basic Brother for the longest time, but my mom recently let me have her Bernina that she didn’t use much, and I LOVE IT. Her machine is the Bernina Activa Patchwork 140, which I think might be more meant for quilting but I’ve had zero problems with it sewing garments. I totally know what you mean about realizing that stitching a straight line shouldn’t have to be such a battle. I was amazed at how much less frustrating and more pleasant my sewing became! I haven’t sewn with a Pfaff Ambition so I can’t comment on those, but I do love my Bernina. I’m sure either would work be great!

    Also, that fabric is great!! Is it soft and drapey? I’ve ordered fabric from Girl Charlee before but so far it’s always really stiff, not very soft, and with very little stretch. From your pictures though, this fabric doesn’t look like it suffers from those!

    1. That’s so awesome! and yes, it’s suuper soft and drapey without feeling too thin and it hasn’t pilled much either and I’ve been wearing the crap out of this dress. It’s definitely my favorite girl charlee purchase so far.

  3. I have a Pfaff that I got last year. I can never remember the name of the serie, but it’s the one with the raspberry pink front. I love it!! IDT is pretty awesome, but I have never used a walking foot, so I cannot compare. I a overall super pleased with my machine and would definetely recommend it. I makes really nice stitches, it’s strong and it has a really easy buttonhole feature, as well as the ability to create different types of buttonholes. The buttonholes are what sold me on this machine

    1. Ooh learning how to make buttonholes was probably the sewing highlight of my year. I keep changing my mind about how many I really need though. I tend to stick with what I like so I can’t tell if I’d actually use other styles of buttonholes. Do you tend to use all the different styles?

  4. Could you please do a tutorial on how to draft/ make this dress? It is soooo pretty and looks great on you!

    1. Sure! It won’t be super comprehensive because it’s based on an existing dress but I can definitely show the process a bit and what my pattern pieces look like. :]

  5. speaking from a vintage POV, the IDT on my pfaff 1171 is so amazing, i’m tempted to buy a shiny new pfaff. i freaking love it. weren’t you trying elna out?


    1. Thaaanks! I don’t think that was me, I’ve never tried an Elna :] But ooh so far I’ve only looked at vintage Berninas. I’ll definitely start researching vintage Pfaffs too!

  6. I have a Brother Innovis 30 Sewing machine and I love it. The only disadvantage is a pretty big (I don’t know how to call it..) sleeve…top piece, so jersey sleeves stretch a little too much and firm sleeves don’t fit into it. At least with my thin arms..
    But the machine is great and I really appreciate as a lazy sewer the automatic buttonhole function.
    And btw I like your dress! The fabric is really nice.

    1. Ooh that’s so annoying! I’m such a lazy seamstress hehe. Not exaggerating, for years my solution to not wanting to put in the effort to learn how to use the auto buttonhole was to just do it by hand. Ditto zippers. Lazy sewing ftw!

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