Horses prance through a silver storm

Horses maxi dress

Horses maxi dress

Horses maxi dress

Horses maxi dress

Horses maxi dressdress: self-made, fabric here // belt: thrifted 

To be totally honest, I kind of hated maxi-dresses until kind of recently. I usually prefer short floofy skirts. I think it was having to bypass more than half my wardrobe when getting ready for work that made me reconsider going maxi. Now I’m kind of addicted.

A few months ago I bought an olive green maxi-dress with two super high slits up the leg in the front. It was super hot in a slightly Khaleesi kind of way, but also semi-skanky. I thought about returning it until I decided that would be dumb because I can sew things and it was a really gorgeous dress. I’m really glad I decided to listen to myself on that one because once I sewed up the slits 3″ on either side it’s become one of my favorite dresses. So much so that I ended up tracing it and making a pattern from it, from which I’m basically creating a small maxi army.

The first one was that black maxi skirt from a few weeks ago, and this is the second one. I’m normally horrible at waiting for things so the word “preorder” makes me run the other way, but I saw this horse knit at and was so smitten I didn’t even mind waiting the extra two weeks for my entire order to get to me, just to have these horsies.

Now, I’d heard some mixed reviews about Girl Charlee and I’m still a little on the fence about them, but it’s the kind of fence where I just spent $60 there and already have another cart full of fabric I’m coveting. Most of what I’ve bought from them has been awesome but about half of it has ended up being lighter weight than I had expected based on the product descriptions and some fabrics (like the horsies) have been pillier than I’d hoped. On the plus side I was worried this one would be see-through but it’s totally not! Anyway, I’ll keep buying from them since they stock such cute prints but probably not for things like leggings because my tush does not need to see the world.

Sidenote: I did not realize I had a tan line.

The dress pattern is pretty simple. I think this one took me an hour to put together. It’s just a front and back bodice with two identical skirt pieces. I cut a strip of fabric the length of the waist (all the way around, front and back) and stitched in the ditch to attach it to the bodice/skirt seam, then sewed the other side down about 1.5″ above, making a nice cozy tube for some elastic to live inside. My pattern drafting skills are still nonexistent but I can do a tutorial if anyone’s interested.

In other news, I recently re-watched the entire X-Men series (holy inconsistencies though) and just started reading some of the comics. Sooo if I start sewing exclusively in spandex, please stage an intervention.


20 thoughts on “Horses prance through a silver storm”

  1. That horse print is the best! I’m terrible at picking out prints, this one would have scared me away too, but as a finished garment it’s awesome!!

    1. Thanks!! I’m kind of terrible at it too. I was worried this one would end up looking too much kids pajamas but I decided not to care because horses. :]

    1. Oh noooo! I love that dress!!! 🙁 I’ll let you know how my horses fare. PS your instagram is killing me ded of jealousy.

  2. This is so cute! I love the print! I’m on the fence about Girl Charlee, too. They have the CUTEST prints, but they’re usually kinda stiff and sheer at the same time. :/

    1. OMG I know exactly what you’re talking about!! I bought a white knit with black polka dots and somehow the white is dangerously sheer and the polka dots are super stiff like they’re glued on. :/

  3. I’m totally with you on the Girl Charlee front, but I can’t stop buying stuff. I mean, for around $6/yard in really cute prints, I didn’t really expect wonderful quality. It would be super awesome if it was, but I’m okay with what it is. But I definitely agree that the descriptions make things seem more heavy weight than they are in real like. I bought a “ponte” last year and there was no way in hell that was going to hide the lumps and bumps like a ponte should.

  4. So I never comment on anything ( lurker for lyfe) but I have to just say:
    I love your maxi dress
    I am also working on a self drafted maxi
    I also just re watched the entire xmen series


  5. Ugh–Girl Charlee, why can’t I quit you?? I can’t escape the siren’s call of adorable prints, it seems.
    Love the dress, though! I think the neutral colors help the print not be overwhelming. I actually have the penguins from the same line. Wish I’d thought to make a maxi dress!
    Okay–your title. It’s from a song, right?? I can’t quite remember. It’s just sort of dancing around the edges of my brain. . .

    1. Bahaha that’s kind of hilarious because it’s from that one song from Anastasia. Ooh but penguins! That would be so adorable!

  6. cute dress, i love the horses! i’m with ya on GC… i try to pay attention to the weight more than the description. their cotton/lycra is usually pretty good , but the printed jersey is hit or miss .

  7. you kill in a maxi.

    how about taking those 3′ slits up to thigh high on one of those soldiers? skyscraper side seam spilts are way less skank!

    (pretty please?)

  8. This is amazing! I love the print and how it looks on you! You should really reconsider maxi dresses! You totally have the body for them! And they look amazing on you!

  9. I can understand you didn’t like maxi-dress, but you were right to change your mind. Yours is pretty and it fits you very well

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