K&L Tap Shorts + giveaway!

Denim Tap shorts Denim Tap shorts Denim Tap shorts Denim Tap shorts Denim Tap shorts Denim Tap shorts Denim Tap shorts

shorts: self-made, pattern here // top: self-made, pattern here // earrings: Michal Golan // kitten: named Kaylee, borrowed from Seester

Once upon a time (last summer) I came up with all these big ideas about making shorts. I was going to use this pattern, there were going to be two bows on the sides where the pockets are, and they were going to come out perfectly. Except everything became a huge mess, nothing came together correctly and I was slightly traumatized.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago, Katy and Laney announced they were making a pattern and did I want to test it? Um, yes! These guys always look amazing and I had no doubts their pattern would be super cute as well. Oh, but it’s shorts. Ruh roh.

But then I remembered all the times I’ve shown up sewing club dramatically proclaiming that I could never in a million years learn how to do a particular thing (e.g. button holes, invisible zippers, self-made bias tape, etc.) and each time one of them has been like “Nay, here is how,” (not an exact quote) and within ten minutes I’m pretty much able to do it myself. So I had faith in their instructable abilities.

And I was not wrong! These shorts came together easy peasy. The pattern comes with two back views, one with welt pockets and one without. I’m just going to say that I 100% do not understand how welt pockets work so I went into it extremely tentatively. They just looked so cute I knew I would be sad if I didn’t at least try. Luckily Katy and Laney’s awesome instructable abilities didn’t let me down one bit and I managed to make two pretty decent looking welt pockets! There’s definitely room for growth there but practice makes perfect and all that.

I did make a few changes to the pattern. I was somewhere between a size 0 and 2 so I cut a 2 in the waist and graded down to a 0 around the crotch area. I wanted the leg openings to be a little less dramatically wide and going down a size in the bottom half achieved that for me. I also trimmed off a good 2-3″ off the bottom so these are quite cheeky. Hee.

When they sent me the pattern it only included the pleated view so that’s the only one I’ve tried so far and I absolutely love it. I made it in a thick denim (and a second soon-to-be blogged pair in a lighter weight linen) and I love the way the heavy weight fabric holds the pleat. They do puff out a bit when I sit down but I don’t really mind. I can’t really speak for how curvier ladies might find this effect. I do want to add though that I think it’s pretty awesome that the K&L ladies took the feedback they received about how the pleat might not be for everyone and created two whole new views. I, for one, am super excited to try out a pair of front-zip ones. (Maybe I’ll get my side pocket bow shorts after all.) Tap Shorts for everyone!


Andd to celebrate the release of their inaugural pattern, Katy and Laney are generously offering up a Tap Short kit to one lucky Peneloping reader! You’ll receive:

-a PDF copy of the pattern
-2 yards of fabric + required interfacing
-coordinating zippers, thread

Just comment below telling me one sewing technique you never thought you’d be able to master. Make sure you include your email so you can be contacted about receiving your prize!


This giveaway is open to readers worldwide and will be open until midnight Friday, June 20th. The winner will be announced shortly after. In the meantime, make sure you check out the rest of the Tap Shorts blog tour!


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139 thoughts on “K&L Tap Shorts + giveaway!”

  1. I’m still afraid to try welt pockets and bound button holes. I’m hoping this pattern will get me over my fear of at least the welt pockets. I think I’d have to try the front zip tap shorts in a little bit longer length as I’m not so young anymore. lol

  2. I am still nervous about buttons. I did manage to do a button hole last week, but putting buttons on a project scares me! Hopefully I will be able to figure out how to do it because I bought a button front dress pattern 😛

  3. Welt pockets, for sure. I’d be willing to try again for this pattern, though. I love the angled side seams view!

  4. Welt pockets. Argh! So fiddly!!! Although I would hesitate to say I’ve mastered them, I have made a few now, and they’re slowly getting better. One day, I shall conquer the welt pocket!!!

  5. I’m new to sewing, so I’m intimidating by everything! These shorts are adorable, and I’d love to try making a pair. Thank you!

  6. This is my fav version yet of the tap shorts! And I never ever in a million years thought I would master invisible zippers. Maybe still not mastered, but I must be close lol!

  7. I love these! I really like this pattern. I saw Heather’s version the other day and I knew I had to have it! I like that your version holds the pleat really well! As always another amazing make!

  8. I forgot to answer the question. I never thought I would master the invisible zipper. I’m still pretty bad, but it’s all about progress right?

  9. Your shorts look lovely! I quite like the pattern. I never thought I’d master welt pockets. I still have quite a bit of work to do but I suppose I’m nearly there. Thanks for the giveaway!

  10. I love these shorts already! I’m so scared to try real bottoms though. I’ve done easy skirts and leggings, but shorts sound so official and so hard! Eep! I really do want to try though, gotta start somewhere.

  11. Collars and top stitching always seemed out of my reach. That is, until I made an Archer shirt! Now I love that kind of detail oriented sewing. So very satisfying when you get it right. The tap shorts are very cute, they look great on you.

  12. I thought I’d never be able to get the fly fronts on pants but little by little I’m getting much better with them.

  13. Ooooh, I love these! The angled pleats look really fun, particularly in the denim! I’ve been wanting pleated denim shorts for a while, and now I’m considering making them with this pattern instead of the one I had in mind!
    My nemesis technique is the buttonhole. I’m getting better, but … I wouldn’t say I’ve mastered the stupid thing yet. I will, though, I will!

  14. It took me some time to get the hang of invisible zippers. An invisible zipper foot certainly helped! I’m trying out making my own bias tape this weekend, so hopefully that goes smoothly. Welt pockets are on my list of things to try soon.

  15. Pants. Not just any pants, but jeans. When I started sewing, I just thought I’d make gathered skirts out of cotton for the rest of forever. My scientist brain got bored fast, and I recently found myself making jeans, with fly zip and all! Not perfect, but I’m so proud.

  16. Buttonholes were quite vexing until I got a buttonhole attachment on my sewing machine. Now they are a snap.
    Thanks to Kay & Laney and you for such a great giveaway!

  17. These look awesome – I hardly wear shorts and now I want to make some!

    Master? I probably haven’t mastered anything yet, but a few things I never thought I could get that I can now finagle are buttonholes, a bathing suit, and honestly I’m not even kidding, sewing in a straight line!

  18. LOVE these shorts, and I’d love to win. I don’t know if this really counts as sewing, but snaps! I was scared of them for the longest time, and now they’re my new obsession!

  19. I love your ear rings. Very stylish. Thanks for the giveaway ! I was always fearful of lining dresses. But after I tried lining one I realized its not so scary and I have lined many since then LOL

  20. For the longest time, I tried not to sew anything with topstitching, because my lines were always crooked or wonky. I am now proud to say I can finally sew straight lines >.<

  21. I used to be totally scared of fly-front zippers. I still haven’t quite mastered them, but each one is a little better than the last!

  22. Lapped zippers used to be my worst nightmare. I used to hand pick my zippers (badly) to avoid them. Just sewed three dresses for my daughter…all lapped zippers and all perfect. I’d love to try these shorts. Kylie at rosekyky@yahoo.com

  23. Putting in zippers. Setting in sleeves. Buttonholes. But with a very patient mom, who’s been willing to pause whatever she’s doing to “come look” at whatever it is I’m doing wrong, I’ve been able to accomplish all of them–though I can’t really say I’ve mastered buttonholes quite yet!

  24. I never thought I’d be able to master sewing with knits, but I’m currently sewing a knit dress and everything is going quite smoothly so far! Thanks for the giveaway!

  25. Your shorts look so great. I put off buttonholes for ages, then when I had to have an Archer, I watched a youtube vid, had a go and they were so much easier than I had thought!

  26. Not yet conquered: welt pockets. Once intimidated by and now mastered: invisible zipper! To the people who haven’t mastered buttonholes: the only way I have good ones now is by getting a buttonhole foot for my machine!

  27. Technique I never felt I’d master – sewing with knits! Though, I find have the thoughts of if I google the hell out of it I should be able to pick it up… Thank you for being so inspiring with your makes 🙂

  28. One technique I never thought I’d master was bound buttonholes! I love how they make my clothes look vintage, expensive and professional. I practised a lot on clothes which normally wouldn’t have bound buttonholes to begin with such as a skirt or a pair of trousers which only require one buttonhole; before I progressed onto a jacket where there were 8 buttonholes which needed to look the same. There’s only a couple which are a little wonky, but I’m proud of it!

  29. I recently learnt how to do the placket on the cuffs of shirt sleeves, which were so much easier than I expected. I think most techniques are like that – scary at first but when you take it step by step (and you tube any problems) it is actually straightforward

  30. I never thought I’d sew!!! Just something in me finally said do it and loving it! I even do invisible zippers!
    Love the shorts can’t wait to try them.

  31. Those shorts are amazing! Anyways, I’m pretty sure I’ll never be able to figure out an exposed zipper, but I kind of have to soon because I am making a dress for my sister… and I’ve promised an exposed zipper.

  32. I loved the pleat on these the moment Katy and Laney announced the pattern. I didn’t think I’d be able to fit trousers as crotch curve and depth were confusing but in January I made my first pair of trousers and I’ll be blogging my second pair next week. I have no fear fitting that area and making pattern piece alterations now so this is perfect timing for shorts!

  33. For me it was also welt pockets. But my sewing teacher and I made a sampler together so I can understand every step. Still look at it every time I sew welt pockets.
    My address is nadja_schafer(at)freenet.de

  34. Piping. AND zip fly. What the heck even is that thing? I’m always amazed when my pants **kinda** turn out the way I want them too. Definitely still need practice. but one of these days I am going to have that “aha!” moment!

  35. Collars! Sleeves! Button holes! But just madea button up shirt for my man which he has actually worn in public so getting there! Practice , practice, practice! Nice shorts!

  36. I agree, the denim works great with the pleat 🙂 Up until recently I hated the construction on front zippers in pants. It took me forever to figure out the instructions every time, and I couldn’t wrap my head around the pattern pieces. But luckily I had to make several pants in a short time for work, so now I remember the whole process by heart 🙂 and as a result my sewing confidence grew a tiny bit 🙂

  37. It might sound stupid, but when I began sewing I used to think I’d never be able to thread a spool properly… And now I do (only 4 years later…)! 😉

  38. I, personally, consider bound buttonholes to be the epitope of difficulty. Though the technique isn’t that different from welt pockets, which I somehow manage, the inside always turns out messy and as you’d typically make them on more elaborate garments where you’d want everything to turn out great, it’s especially frustrating for me. But practice makes perfect, right?!

  39. oh I love this pattern! I wouldn’t usually wear shorts for they always look too sporty! but this one is very classy! I never thought I would master invisible zippers!! but I do now and it feels so so good!!:) thanks for the chance to win!

  40. Uuh love these shorts!!! As for my no-confort zone, where do I start? 4 down: zippers, invisible zippers, buttonholes and sleeves. And many more to go: blind hem, knits, silk, double needle, top stitching, flyfront zippers…not enough time 🙁

  41. Lovely version of the shorts! I love how the pleats stand out too. I never thought I’d be able to sew properly set-in sleeves, and of course kicked myself for avoiding them when I finally tried and they weren’t so bad. Now I’m terrified of blind hemming by machine. I’ve tried to figure out the blind hem foot many a time, but it just baffles me!!! More hand sewing for me then. Hopefully I can overcome my fear soon!

  42. Sigh. Does ‘fitting’ count? I have just made 2 garments in a row that are too big for me!

  43. beautiful shorts! i never thought i’d be able to sew hidden button placket, tried and failed several times.. and then one day i decided i should try again, but a little bit harder 🙂 and it wasn’t that hard at all,

  44. these shorts are just lovely for summer and i love the denim you’ve used, they look great! one sewing technique i never thought i’d be able to get the hang of is pleating, but after i’d been sewing for about six months i gave it a try and now it is actually one of my favourite sewing techniques to use! the next thing i want to tackle is a lapped zip 🙂 thank you for the giveaway!

  45. Youre shorts look amazing, and not too short 🙂 I never though I would be able to do buttonholes – I know it sounds silly but I always used to mess them up – but now, with a lot of practice I can 🙂

  46. Usually I’m the silent follower, but this giveaway is so awesome so I’m jumping in 🙂
    My greatest sewing fear (one I’m yet to overcome) is sewing with knits and stretch fabrics. It doesn’t help that my sewing machine refuses to work with them as well, she’s an old and very picky lady 🙂

  47. I’m still struggling with invisible zips- but I’m totally afraid of fly trouser zips! None the less, going to have to face that fear when I make a pair this summer x

  48. I was really nervous about invisible zips but after following the superb tutorial on the colette website I managed to insert my first one perfectly! I now don’t know what I was worried about!! I’d like to try my hand at a fly front zip but I’m still a bit apprehensive about that one…

  49. You are a beauty! And I love the midification you made to this shorts, the width of the leg openings are more fluttering that way! I personaly have a tremendous fear hemming a circle skirt, I never managed to perform it neattly anough 🙁

  50. Those shorts came out so cute! I’d love a shot at the giveaway. I’ve actually never tried a welt pocket but always wanted to, so I’d say that’s one sewing technique I’d like to master!

  51. I was very intimidated to make a pair of pants for my daughter with a snap and fly front, especially with the minimal directions in the Ottobre mag where the pattern was from that I was trying. It wasn’t as much to sweat about as I thought it would be. I still haven’t done very many more after that first try, so it’s still a little intimidating.

  52. Boning and bras, I have not yet mastered boning but have made a couple of successful bras with underwire. The short are beautiful, and I have been thinking about making a summer pail blue and a raspberry coloured.

  53. I’m still very afraid of all “difficult” fabrics like silk or similar. however, i get the feeling that maybe in 1 or 2 years i’ll be able to master them.

  54. I never thought I’d be able to install zippers correctly, but I did it right for the first time on my daughter’s first Easter dress two years ago. And recently I turned a shirt into a skirt and had to add a zipper and it turned out fabulously.

  55. That pleat is such a great twist on shorts. Getting a good fit is still a big (frustrating) issue for me.

  56. I still haven’t tried a proper front fry zipper and welt pockets. Can’t say I’m actually afraid of them, but definitely a little worried on how the outcome will look.

    But have to say, these shorts look amazing! I’d love them even more if the waistband went a little higher up but a little pattern tweaking is definitely something I’m not afraid of 🙂

  57. I still am too scared to try welt pockets, but these shorts are so cute I might just have too!

  58. I never thought I’d be able to master a zipper, but they’re nowhere near as intimidating as I thought! Love these shorts on you.

  59. That is such a cute shorts pattern!! For some reason bias binding scared the hell out of me (One time I cut out a bunch of bias strips to bind the neckline of a Sorbetto but I was so scared to use them I just folded the necckline over and left the binding in a corner to hide in shame for about a year…)

  60. I always get nervous about setting in sleeves. Very few times do I not have to unpick and redo a seam! I’ve also never sewn bottoms, so I’m hoping this pattern will be just the project to help me step up my sewing game!

  61. Using my overlocker! When I first got it I found it so hard to thread! It sometimes still takes me a few attempts to change thread & get it set up correctly

  62. I’d never thought I would master an invisible zipper 🙂
    These shorts are gorgeous, they are so flattering! I’d love to make myself a pair 🙂

  63. I never thought I’d be able to do a decent hand picked zipper but now I insert all my zippers that way!

  64. Inset sleeves, don’t ask me why but they terrified me. Amusingly enough it was moving into knits (a material that like many I know came with its own set of fears) that made me finally give inset sleeves a shot. The top is not quite finished yet but did a trial fitting last night and so far so good 🙂

  65. I never thought I would be able to fit pants to my skinny body. I kept sewing different patterns of pants that didn’t fit me. Then one day I just started messing around with a muslin. Changing the curve, making darts and folds everywhere and trying it on a million times. It was a mess but eventually led to a basic pattern that fit….finally. Now i always compare whatever pants/shorts pattern I’m using to the “fit” one. Hard won but worth it in the end.

  66. Oh my goodness, they are beautiful 🙂 Can’t wait to see your linen version!
    I never thought I’d be able to master a smooth circle skirt hem, until I discovered the easy-peasy petersham ribbon technique!
    The next challenge is turning on my overlocker for the first time 😛

  67. Ok, the linen/cotton fabric pushed me over the edge, LOL! I love polka dots about as much as I love that fabric blend so I NEEDED TO ENTER THIS CONTEST. (Still deciding if I have the legs for short shorts, though…)

  68. I’m still relatively new to garment sewing, so there are many many skills I have yet to try, but one I’m currently working on is sewing with knits. I successfully made my first knit garment a few weeks ago! Thanks for the giveaway.

  69. For me, I never tought I could master a sewing machine at all.
    I started for about a half year ago with sewing, I had never imagined that I could make a dress with some help now3

    Thanks for this great oppurtunity.

  70. I never thought I could make clothes that would fit me! When I began I did not understand sizing on the brands and didn’t not bother to read the measurements. I had quite a mess. I gave up for a long time and moved on to home decor. The access we have to information now has changed sewing for us all. It is now possible for someone to buy a sewing machine and learn to sew from home. Now a new or experienced sewer can make clothes for ourselves that fit, for me this is huge. So I never thought I could make clothing for myself that would fit and be worthy of the eyes of the outside world ( that’s anyone outside the sewing room.)

  71. Over 30 years ago I had to make a sample of a welt buttonhole. I did well enough to pass but not well enough to want to put them on a garment. I guess it is time to learn, because those pockets can be so cute.

  72. Fly fronts, definitely, with out a doubt are my greatest fear. I’ve never even attempted one so it’s a completely irrational one but my sewingt eacher is always telling the newer kids how difficult they are! Awesome shorts by the way 🙂

  73. Oh, I love these shorts! It’s my ambition for this summer to make myself some trousers, but zips intimidate me.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  74. They are so cute on you! I would love to try these shorts as I’ve been planning some summer shirts for ages but haven’t found the right pattern yet – but these are perfect! I think the hardest technique I learnt was boning on my bombshell dress – I was solo proud when I finished that. I haven’t tried wept pockets though and I’m keen to give them a go!

  75. how cute are those shorts! i reckon i’m pretty okay with slef made bias binding now – so much nicer than the crunchy store bought stuff. welt pockets still baffle me, and i certainly have room for improvement on any form of zip. oh those puckers!

  76. Everything pants related: jeans, shorts, …
    I’ve tried several times but no succes yet. I need to try again soon. It’s all about learning more skills, no?

  77. i am still scared of the front fly zipper, despite successfullt installing one. i think i spent more time ripping out stitches than actually sewing thoug, so that might explain the aversion. I WILL succeed on day thoug!
    your shorts are super cute!!

  78. Your shorts turned out so cute! I love the style and would be perfectly willing to try the pleats on a curvier sized girl! I’ve been deciding that it’s time to start making my own apparel, partially b/c the current styles don’t really make me comfortable. It would be fun to learn a million new techniques on these shorts. Plus the summers where I live in Idaho are brutal, and I need something to change into as soon as I get home from work.

  79. Those shorts are ADORABLE. I’ll be picking up the pattern whether or not I win one 😉

    I’m still up in arms over set-in sleeves! I avoid them like the plague! I avoid them so much that I forced myself to learn how to do armpit gussets instead (not sure if they’re really any easier, but hot damn, it means I don’t have to set in a sleeve!!!)

  80. Omg! These are just too cute!!! I’m still working on becoming a master of the invisible zipper. It’s the one I still just can’t get right.

  81. No need to enter me in the giveaway, as I already purchased this pattern at its release, I just wanted to say how cute your shorts turned out!

  82. I thought I’d never be able to do a fly zipper and was terrified of it…until I actually did it and it came out great! I’m still scared of a number of techniques but mastering that one gave me confidence that I’ll be able to figure them out.

  83. Hi Ping, this is my first time writing somehing in your blog. I follow you from Italy.
    The sewing technique thai scares me is lining a garment, but recently I linee an evening dress, so I got through it!

  84. I never thought I’d be able to work with knits, but after some steady practice, I can’t remember what I was so afraid of!

  85. I’m afraid of bound button holes, but I will try them, I promise! Love the tap shorts you made, and what an awesome little giveaway package!

  86. definitely facings. Actually just shorts in general (having nothing to do with facings, but still). I tried to make a pair of pants without a crotch like ten years ago that was basically two tubes sewn together, but I think I’m a bit traumatized… This seems like the perfect pattern to get into it though!

  87. Jeans… Not the making of the actual pants, just the damn top stitching. It never looks right, just like a bunch of crappity uneven stitches that are in the wrong place. Side note. I also hate rethreading my serger. It sucks!
    These shorts are awesome and I want to have a pair for my very own. Wanna win!!

  88. Trousers. (Pants). I just write them off as something I will never be able to make. I don’t understand their construction, fitting, the whole shebang!

    Thanks for the opportunity to win. I know shorts are very similar to trousers but I do love this pattern so would be willing to try!

  89. Gathers, why must they be so hard. If I can manage to get them spaced out well, a thread will break and too my heart. I even tried a gathering foot. That damn beast destroyed fabric, needles, and any hope I ever had.

  90. I love your shorts! Stylish and practical at the same time.
    I’m greatly intimidated by fly zips, but would love to give it a try with this pattern!

  91. These are uber-cute on you, and the pattern seems very versatile for different personal styles and skill levels. I’m still trying to gain skills by the ‘blunder through and see if it works’ technique, and I conquered a lapped zip the other day so I’m game for whatever I need to tackle next!

  92. I never thought I’d be able to do something as difficult as a dress, but I’ve just finished my first one! I also didn’t think I’d ever get the hang of invisible zippers, but they’re getting better. And then there’s pinning and pressing, two things I’d never think I’d develop the patience for, but now I rather enjoy them. I’m realizing how many small victories I’ve had with sewing!

  93. These are amazing! Hmmmm, I Hensley never thought I would be able to install an invisible zipper. Got it on my first try though. Yay!

  94. I never thought I could master an invisible zip, the bottom portion always came out wonky and never smooth. But, I think with more practice I will be able to make one properly.

  95. I feel like I never thought I could get a good invisible zipper down, but now feel like I’ve nailed that technique!

  96. Very cute shorts pattern.
    Invisible zips were my worst nightmare – but each one I do gets better and I have to say my last one even looked invisible!

  97. You’ve totally inspired me to try welt pockets! The technique I am always avoiding is sewing a blind hem – I’m so worried that the finish will turn out becky-home-ecky, and ruin an otherwise decent garment 🙁 So I either take it to a tailor (if it’s a dressier piece) or just sew the hem (forcing the piece to be more ‘casual’ wear).

    Super excited to try view C, in a denim or linen!

  98. Invisible zippers are still a bit touch and go for me, but I’m encouraged to see from the comments above that there may be hope for improvement. 🙂 I’d love to try the welt pockets – haven’t had the chance yet, and they look great when they’re done well!

  99. Your shorts look great! I would love the chance to win a copy of the pattern☺ The technique I still struggle with is putting in a zipper. I am much better now than I once was but still occasionally goof it up! Thanks for the giveaway!

  100. I really have a tough time with buttonholes but its probably welt pockets that will never be in my repetoire although since everyone’s raving about these instructions maybe that will all change! You shorts really are beautiful. Thanks for the opportunity! N x

  101. I don’t now if this counts as a technique but I learned to make a corset. I’d wanted to make one for a while but thought it would be too challenging as I haven’t been sewing for that long. It ended up being a lot easier than I expected.

  102. Not really one technique, but I used to be a bit afraid of sewing coats and all the tailoring involved. A while ago I made my first winter coat, and while it certainly isn’t perfect and I still have a lot to learn, I really liked all the tailoring stuff! And now I have the fabric and patterns in my stash for about 5 more coats…

  103. For me it would be invisible zip…. I watched a lot of tuto and video about how to put an invisible zip but didn’t seem like I was doing it right until… one day i did! I used to hate those zip and now it’s simple : I use them all the time! They are just perfect and it is not so hard in the end!

  104. These are so freaking cute! They’d be pretty much perfect for my holiday in Turkey in September!

    I did manage to do a couple of okay looking welt pockets when I made my muslin pair of Thurlows, but it was so stressful, I felt exhausted afterwards! Probably time to have another go!

  105. I think I’m amazed every time I make something but my most impressive feat thus far has been WELT POCKETS!!! Created by the devil, they’re beautiful to look at but my goodness what work for such bitty things!

    Not normally a shorts girl but I’ve been following the K&L tap short blog trip and they may cause a change of heart…

    Hope to win!! Good luck all!

  106. The first time I eased in a sleeve it looked terrible, with little tucks and folds. I thought I’d never be able to set in a sleeve well on the first try, but, as always, practice makes perfect. I still don’t nail it on the first try every time, but I do have some successes under my belt!

    PS I looove the tap shorts, I want to make all three views STAT

  107. I’ve been afraid of swimwear sewing but yesterday started a swimsuit for my daughter! If it works out i’m totally ordering the bombshell for myself. Fingers crossed!!

  108. I never thought I’d be able to manage something really fitted like leggings or a bathing suit…and so far I’ve honestly been too chicken to try….

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