Because peplum

Burdastyle open back peplum

Burdastyle open back peplum

Burdastyle open back peplum

Burdastyle open back peplumtop: self-made, pattern here // shorts: AE // earrings: c/o Michal Golan

Burdastyle generously provided a copy of the pattern for this post, but all opinions, thoughts, and ramblings are my own.

I’m so so excited about how this top came out but there was quite a process to get here. I started off with a gorgeous purple and white stripey fabric that was going to be an epic backless maxi dress. Except then I remembered that something like that is pretty far out of my wardrobe comfort zone and would rarely get worn so I decided to go with something a little shorter, possibly with a bow in the back. And then I was doing some spring cleaning and came across this lovely pale blue linen blend and remembered when I pinned this top and decided that I was going to go with a flouncy hi-low peplum top instead of adding yet another dress to my ridiculous collection.

Seriously. SO glad I did. I wear tops and bottoms way more often than dresses these days and I can already envision wearing this with skinny jeans (which I would have worn in this post except that I really really sucked at packing for this trip and completely forgot to bring pants) and heels. Maybe I’ll even try a pencil skirt!

Sidenote: please ignore the shameful zipper. I ran out of invisible ones and had to make do. That one’s being replaced as soon as I’m reunited with my stash. Although i do actually really like the coral constrast.

Did I mention that I’m in California for the week? I don’t think I did. I also finally finished my Masters program! I’m basically a real adult now. (hah!)

Fit-wise this was a bit of an adventure. I think the linen stretched out a bit during the sewing process because while it seemed like it was going to fit great, as soon as I sewed the top to the lining, there was quite a bit of side-boob gape-age. Not in a good way. I added an extra dart there to close that up. The back pieces also didn’t quite fit the shape of my back quite right so I ended up having to cut zipper edge of the fabric at a bit of an angle to compensate. In the future I’ll definitely be doing this instead.

I definitely want to make more of these. I love how the peplum turned out but I think I want something even more exaggeratedly high-low. I left off the sleeve ruffle but it’d be interesting to add some kind of sheer sleeve to it. Maybe a flutter sleeve? Maybe a criss-cross across the back? Maybe shoulder bows a la Laney??

And in closing, I’ve now typed the word “peplum” so many times my brain has turned it into “pee-plum.”

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  1. CUTE. I also love the coral zipper– great contrast! I’ve been itching to make more separates lately, as well…I just don’t wear dresses that much anymore, even though I’m always inclined to make them. Why is that? Dresses are fun but so are tops! Maybe I need to make this the Summer of Tops haha

  2. This is wonderful, so summery! I’ve always thought the peplum trend wasn’t for me, but seeing your gorgeous peplum makes kind of make me rethink that. They’re all just so lovely!

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