Old favorites

Floral cap-sleeve dress

Floral cap-sleeve dress

Floral cap-sleeve dress

Floral cap-sleeve dress
dress: self-made, pattern here // earrings: c/o Michal Golan // shoes: Swedish Hasbeens

Heh. I made a big deal of limiting my Me Made May photos to Instagram this year and here’s day 2 making an appearance on the blog. Whoops.

In my defense, this dress is special. This was one of the first everyday dresses I ever made and I actually still love it. It’s not the most well-made garment ever but it’s wearable. The bias stitching is totally off, the side zipper is atrocious, and it’s made of quilting cotton, but somehow it’s still one of my favorites.

Anyway, a few weeks ago I got an email from Michal Golan Studios that made me squee inside and then laugh out loud. Not only had they noticed my inclination for lady-like glitzy jewelry and offered to send me a few pieces, they also started up a (still ongoing) email conversation about classic computer/video games. I chose these gorgeous heart-shaped earrings and proceeded to completely fail at focusing my camera. Seriously though, new favorite earrings. They’re beautifully hand-made and I’ve been wearing them pretty much everyday because they go with everything. Also they have an entire line of heart-shaped jewelry. You can check out their store here and a post featuring me and the fabulous Miss OonaBalloona here.

And now I should probably go find some pants. So far Me Made May ’14 has taught me that Elisalex either needs yet more tweaking or just doesn’t fit my bust-shape at all and that I need to make more pajamas in order to participate. And that my next goal in life is to make sixteen Netties in favorites colors and lengths and just have that be my wardrobe.


5 thoughts on “Old favorites”

  1. oh my!! those earrings are to die for! lucky you!!:)
    the dress is perfect in its imperfections! I think what makes a great garment is the way we see it and the way we wear it!:) you look amazing in this dress!

  2. i knew they were golan the minute i spied them! and. i. LOVE. that mini patio dress. i snagged a pattern like this at the workroom social party last night…it may have just moved up in the queue…

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