Mustard Renfrew

Mustard Renfrew

Mustard Renfrew
top: self-made, pattern here // dress: thrifted // boots: Hunters // knee socks: Target

Renfrew is awesome. That is all.

Actually I lied. That’s not all. I can’t for the life of me get the neckband to stay flat in the center front. It’s fine all the way around but keeps wanting to stick out in the front. Am I not pulling it tight enough in that area?


(Five days to freedom! Thanks for all the good wishes!)

12 thoughts on “Mustardseed”

  1. This is so cute – LOVE the color -for the neckline, did you clip the curves of the seam allowance – I didn’t realize you had to do this on knits too for a long time, but maybe you already tried that! 🙂

  2. Darling dress and renfrew, beautiful mustard color. I would cut the neckband a bit shorter, it would help the neckline lay flatter.

  3. You wear the cutest outfits.That mustard colour looks great on you, paired with that adorable black dress.
    Maybe the neckline is too long?

  4. Fort the neckband, I usually stretch it to the max to attach it so that it lays flat. So I would think that may be it’s not flat because it is too long. But such a cute outfit anyway.

  5. So lovely! I’ve had a mustard renfrew on my list for ages now, but suspect I can’t pull the colour off as I’m a pale English Rose, haha. I had all kinds of trouble with the neckband doing this when I made the v – neck version. I think it was because my jersey was a bit too slinky and must have stretched a bit – i cut the neck band a bit shorter and it sorted it right out (after about three attempts at putting it in anyhow…)

  6. Looks lovely! As far as the neck goes, what has been working for me is a combination of pulling tighter in the front and serging more off so the neckband isn’t quite as wide.

  7. I’d echo everyone else’s comments — try cutting the neckband shorter and stretching it more, particularly in the front. Should cinch it right in.

    That color is beautiful on you!

  8. Just trawling back through your blogposts and really loving your outfits and your photographs. Appreciated this one because I’ve made several Renfrews, which I adore in every way except for the drooping neck band. I think I’d maybe arrived at the above suggestions but it’s useful to have them confirmed. Being a complete newbie I only just realised today that jersey is much stretchier in one direction than the other and I need to cut the bands in the stretchiest direction, duh.

    1. I’m SO glad it’s not just me!! Sidenote: I made another Renfrew over the weekend and overcompensated and ended up with the opposite problem. I can’t win.

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