Lacy skater

Lacy skater

Lacy skater

Lacy skaterLacy skater

Lacy skater
dress: self-made, pattern here // belt: thrifted // boots: Boutique9

My Master’s thesis-y capstone paper thing is due in exactly eight days. Not scary at all.

Actually, I’m nearly done. All the tough writing stuff is done, I just have to go through and fix some formatting, do some last-minute proofreading, and add in a couple references. Oh, and write an introduction. I’m crossing my fingers but I should be done in a few days.

On to the dress! I’d been wanting a lacy springy dress for about two years and finally decided I needed to just make one. I had originally cut the smallest size, which was a little tight in the bust, so I decided to re-cut a size 4 in the bust graded down to a size 2 in the waist. This turned out to be overkill. Whenever I get motivated enough to cut it a third time, I need to cut a size 2 bust graded to a size 1 waist. Get on that, self!

Since I was using a lace overlay with a lining, I omitted the neckline band. I also lowered the back neckline by a few inches to give it kind of a leotard-esque feel. I wanted the skirt to be a bit fuller but I cut it kind of stupidly so most of the extra material swings around the hips. Oh well.

Ok, back to editing.

PS If you didn’t already see, I announced the winner to the Sew Fun giveaway one post back!

14 thoughts on “Lacy skater”

  1. This is a gorgeous dress! I just bought the pattern through the Perfect Pattern Parcel and I’ve been dreaming up designs! I have to make a lace one now that I’ve seen yours! Can you tell me where did you get your fabric? And how did you omit the neck band? Thanks!!!

  2. I Love this dress! It’s beautiful and your Styling is gorgeous! The lower neckline in the back makes this pattern dressier and more elegant.

  3. How beautiful! I really love this dress, and I know it was a mistake, but I like the excess material around the hips as well. I think it falls and looks gorgeous. Great job!!

  4. I really like a white dress with dark tights. Your skater is perfect and will be great for the spring! Good luck finishing that paper!

  5. I LOVE this! I’ve been meaning to get this pattern for quite some time and keep putting it off for whatever reason. Does the back on the actual pattern dip down like that, or is it a mod you made? Either way, I love it!

    Good luck with your Capstone!

  6. Good luck on your paper! How do you get so much crafting done while in graduate school? I’m currently in a master’s program as well and I always wish there was more time to just breathe and sew/knit!

  7. I LOVE this dress… (And also your hair, major hair envy)

    I love the lace. I am still learning but I think I might have to just give it a bash. There is always the wonderful unpicked.


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