Ping copies Sarah’s Skaterfrew




dress: self-made, patterns here & here // shoes: Swedish Hasbeens // belt: thrifted // headband: F21

First of all, I absolutely loved hearing about everybody’s WIPs and it’s SO nice to know I’m not the only one with the attention span of a goldfish when it comes to unfinished projects. I’m thinking of making this a regular thing. I think every few weeks or so I’ll pick four things to finish in a set amount of time. If anyone wants to join me, feel free! Conquer all the WIP piles!

Anddd onto this lovely dress. If you haven’t seen Sarah’s Skaterfrew over on Katy & Laney you should probably go check it out immediately. I was already eyeing the Renfrew pattern but her dress version totally pushed me over the fence.

I’m going to have to steal Sonja’s term here because this one absolutely falls in the realm of secret pajamas. Full disclosure though, luckily you can’t tell because of the drapey collar, but I totally underestimated how much fabric I’d need (to be fair Sarah totally warned me). I’d forgotten (again!) that you have to cut out two collar pieces, both cut on the fold. Whoops. I was about an inch short on either side but I somehow made it work.

I’m definitely going to make a few more of these though! It’s perfect for those days when all you want to do is lie in bed all day imitating a slug but things like ‘sponsatilities and adulthood make you go to work.

11 thoughts on “Ping copies Sarah’s Skaterfrew”

  1. Girl, how in the world are you standing outside with no tights on! I hope it was during that 50 degree weekend. If not, yikes!

    I love this make and I promise not to tell anyone that it’s nice “loungewear.”

    1. Oh it definitely was! It was so nice out I went out and photographed three different outfits haha. Good thing, too! It’s been in the 20s all week. 🙁

  2. Seriously, I am always getting jealous every time you are posting a new project! You are so inspiring to me, you have to keep it up! 🙂 This dress looks way too comfortable and is so lovely! I bought the skater pattern to make a copycat of a dress and seeing yours makes me what to quit everything and sew it now haha !

  3. Love your work PJ dress! Ive been making lots of skater style knits dresses, perfect for this weather but now you’re inspiring me to try a cowl neck version. Also happy to report you are not the only one with a stack of WIPs (or the pile of doom as I call it in my sewing shed).

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