Souffle girl

Souffle girl

Souffle girl

Souffle girl

Souffle girl

Souffle girldress: self-made // tights: Chinese Laundry // belt: stolen from Boyfriend 

This dress is going right at the top of the “I have no idea how this happened and I’m pretty sure I will never be able to recreate it” list. I decided that since I’m wearing a giant cupcake one of the days for PAX, I should probably go for a completely opposite silhouette for the second day just to give myself a break. This one is based on Oswin Oswald’s dress on Doctor Who.

I started off with Simplicity 2018 and then completely deviated from it pretty quickly. I used an existing dress with a similar silhouette and used that to lengthen the pattern pieces to dress-length. I also folded the back top pattern piece over so there would be less material and it would lay flatter. And then there was the front piece, which was the absolute bane of my existence for three hours two Saturdays ago.

The front part of the pattern was similar to what I was going for with the Oswin dress, except the Oswin dress has that inverted drape where one side is higher than the other, and it’s a thicker material than the pattern was meant for. I had a vague idea of how to cut it, went for it, and realized about three seconds later while pinning that I had epic failed. Spacial reasoning is not my friend. Somehow through the use of lots of pins and some handstitching, I managed to cobble together a neckline that looks pretty much like the original and doesn’t totally suck. There are still some issues to iron out (Metaphorically. I tried actually ironing them out and it didn’t work.) that I hid with strategic photographing but I have until April to figure those out.

And now I have one of two of my outfits for PAX East 2014! Just have to figure out the shoes. She wears red sneaker wedges in the episode but I absolutely abhor sneaker wedges so we’ll see if my footwear hatred outweighs my need to be screen accurate.

Oh and I hope everyone had a good Doctor Who 50th! Which was Saturday. Because normal people totally consider that a holiday.


28 thoughts on “Souffle girl”

  1. Oh My… This dress is FANTASTIC (just like the 9th doctor haha).
    Seriously, it fits you so well and GOD I mean, it’s a clara dress 🙂
    You should just wear it all the time, everywhere!!
    Good job, it’s amazing!!

    1. OMG I was a mess. I was already teary but then when Capaldi showed up for a brief second I lost it. So much awesome.

  2. Oh My! this is gorgeous or what!!! Ping you seriously need to start releasing these patterns that you seem to put together… apart form being so unique… They are so wearable ! i want to make a dress like this… but definitely dont have the skill to alter existing patterns .. what say?

    1. Aww thanks!! I would totally love to but I have absolutely no pattern designing skills. Literally don’t even know where to begin :/ I’m hoping that once grad school is done I’ll have more time to look into learning about drafting!

  3. This is an amazing dress…oh my I wish there was a pattern for it. Please share how you did it better yet please release a pattern for it!!!


    1. Thanks Louisa! Since so many people have expressed interest in it I’ll try to come up with a more detailed tutorial. :]

  4. I love it! So pretty! I’m almost done watching the 6’th season, but I still threw a Day of the Doctor living party. It was lovely! We decided to watch the christmas episode together again. The Doctor brings people together 🙂

    1. That sounds like so much fun!!! I went to see it in theatres last night and holy crap it was incredible. It was so awesome to be in a room full of people gasping and laughing and sobbing at all the same moments hehe. Whovians ftw!

  5. Such a pretty dress. Great for your costume but also awesome to wear in real life. Nice job. The neckline looks awesome in the pictures.

    1. Thanks!! I love wearable costumes because then the cool kids who are fans of whatever the costume is from are the only ones in on the secret and then it’s like an instant new best friend hee.

    1. Aww thanks! I was worried it would be a little too dark but I think a brighter red would’ve been awkward with my skin tone. I have zero pattern drafting skills but I’ll try to post a more comprehensive tutorial soon! :]

  6. Awesome dress!!!! I love the color!! What kind of fabric is it? And I totally agree, you should release patterns! They would be a big hit 🙂
    So I posted this on your last post but I guess you didn’t see it so I’ll ask again… So I’ve been swooning over your Dear Creatures Mia dress and I really want to make one for myself but I can not figure out how to get the corners on bias tape! I’ve been racking my brains on how to do it and have come up with nothing! I would appreciate it SO much if you could just tell me how you did it because I have no idea how to get the angles just right. Thank you soooooo much!

    1. Hi Leah! So sorry, I had wanted to take a close up photo because I’m terrible at explaining things but kept forgetting. I responded to your comment yesterday but I guess you didn’t see it. I hope this helps!

      Here’s what I said:

      Thanks so much! I’ve been wanting to do a pumpkin colored one too hehe! In order to make sharp angles, I just kind of pinched the extra material and folded it over and sewed it down. I took a picture because I’m absolutely terrible at explaining things.

        1. I loove that outfit! I used a knit fabric and I think my bias tape was 3/8″? Possibly 1/2? I’ll double check when I get home. I think if you want to use a woven a sateen would be pretty, although that might look better in navy than pumpkin. 🙂

  7. ooh i love this! and dr who as well 😉 even with the boo boo i think this looks really good! at tleast more intersting than just a plain red dress!

    1. Hi, thanks! I’m actually not taking commissions at the moment but if I do I’ll definitely make an announcement here 🙂

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