A wearable blanket

Turquoise Effortless Cardigan

Turquoise Effortless Cardigan

Turquoise Effortless Cardigan

Turquoise Effortless Cardigan

Turquoise Effortless Cardigansweater: self-made, pattern here // top: blogged here, pattern here // pants: Paige // boots: Clarks

To me, cold weather means snuggling up in front of a fireplace with a mug of a tea and stack of favorite books. I don’t have a fireplace but if I did I’d be snuggling the shit out of this sweater in front of it.

I wanted it to be really drapey and soft so I used Berroco* Ultra Alpaca and got exactly the effect I wanted. I ended up making** another one for my sister’s birthday present. It really is a totally effortless pattern. The instructions are super easy to follow and aside from the ribbing on the edge, it’s all stockinette. The only effort-ful thing about it is getting yourself to sit through hours and hours of mindless stockinette. I made this a while ago but I’m pretty sure I didn’t make any adjustments, except possibly adding an inch to the length. You can check out my Ravelry page for yarn details and amounts.

And actually, I just bought a couple skeins of navy wool to make another one. :]


*Does anyone else spell Berroco wrong every damn time? I swear I am constantly thinking “Ok, I remember this time. Two C’s and one R.” But nope.

**Took me two years and I made her finish the sleeves. I am a bad sister.

21 thoughts on “A wearable blanket”

  1. Love love love this look!! Could this possibly be the sweater for me? One I could actually knit!?(Meaning…was it easy?) Yours certainly looks warm and cozy.

    1. You should definitely make it! It’s pretty straightforward stockinette and it’s all knit in one piece so there’s really no seaming to worry about.

  2. Ummm… I LOVE this! I must’ve seen 100 versions of this sweater, but I’ve never been interested in it before. I love the weight and slight halo of the Ultra Alpaca– now I want one!

    1. I looove the ultra alpaca to bits! I’m using a plain wool right now to knit another one and it’s not nearly as smooshy.

  3. Lovely! I have this pattern in my favorites and need to get it. I am in love with cardigans and this one is perfect for my taste. I also recently used Berroco Ultra Alpaca and love it! Now I have an excuse (and a project) to use it some more.

    And yes, I do spell Berroco wrong every time. Except I think it has 2 Rs and 2 Cs. =/

    1. I”m so glad it’s not just me!! Also yes alpaca is definitely the perfect yarn for this one. I want to knit six of them and just live in alpaca all winter.

  4. OOH I LOVE YOUR SWEATER!!!!!! it looks so comfy!!
    So I’ve been swooning over your Dear Creatures Mia dress copycat and I really want to make it now in a pumpkin color perfect for Thanksgiving! one problem- How do you sew the corners in the bias tape at the neck detail???? I’ve been racking my brains over this and haven’t come up with anything so I would be so happy if you could share with me how you did it. Thanks so much!!

  5. Your sweater is lovely! I really like the color combination of your outfit, very cute indeed. I hadn’t really thought to use black-and-white with purple and blue, it works really well.

    At the risk of sounding a bit weird, I love your hair color! I’ve been toying with the idea of going for a color like that, I don’t suppose you could point me in the right direction for a brand and shade of dye to use?

    1. Thanks!! Not weird at all 🙂 I use Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color in Light Intense Auburn and I absolutely love it. My natural color is a super dark brown and this dye is specifically meant for undyed hair so I wouldn’t recommend it unless your hair is undyed or naturally lighter.

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