An interview!

Mitten beginnings

Hi guys! If you haven’t already, you should check out an interview I did with Lelie over at A Bouquet of Buttons! Thanks Lelie!

Also I think I’ve caught the knitting bug. I may have started yet another project. In my defense, it’s Christmas knitting which means it’s a gift and therefore selfless and therefore — ok I’m out of excuses. -_-

Ok, back to knitting! (I’m watching Monsters, Inc. while I knit! Box of tissues at the ready..)


5 thoughts on “An interview!”

  1. You just gave me the best movie selection to watch while knitting (and baking!) tmrw! I’m going to start with Monsters Inc. tonight and then hit more Pixar. Thanks! What other movies or shows do you like to knit to?

  2. Hallo! Ik kom net op je blog terecht via het interview van A Bouquet of Buttons. Wat een mooie blog met prachtige naaisels & foto’s ervan! Ik ga rustig nog wat verder kijken…

    1. Hello! Hartelijk dank en welkom! (Sorry, ik spreek geen Nederlands, dus ik moest google translate gebruiken!) :]

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