Mental blocks

I think I’m stuck in a bit a creative hole.

Take this scarf for instance. It’s the Guernsey Wrap pattern by Brooklyn Tweed and I started it in February and then kind of abandoned it. I picked it back up again a few weeks ago and finished it all except for just blocking it. It’s been a full week and for some reason I can’t bring myself to get up off my lazy bum, soak it, and pin it out. It just sounds like so much work.

Guernsey wrap Then there’s this sweater. I knitted the front and back pretty quickly and all that’s left is the sleeves, but I feel stuck. Want to know why? Because I have 1.5 balls of yarn left and I’m pretty sure I’m going to run out before I finish, and I don’t want to get super sucked into it and then run out of yarn. Except I haven’t ordered more because I’m not totally sure that I don’t have enough. (I probably don’t.)

Fisherman's Daughter progress

There’s also my dotted Archer that’s been in the works for two weeks and I accidentally effed up one of the yoke seams and for some reason ripping it just seems like too much work for my whiny self. So that’s been on hold too.

So even though I’ve been actively trying to finish existing projects before starting on the shiny new ones, I decided to ignore that and start a new sweater instead. The last time I wore my Aidez I kept thinking how cute it would look in red, and I happened to have the perfect shade of the perfect weight of yarn. I clicked my needles happily for a few hours the last few days, vaguely remembering that there was an error in the way the cables were written but not totally able to recall what it was. I’m sure you can spot the issue in the photo.

Aidez #2 progress

Anyway, I thought about attempting the ladder-y thing to fix just the cable direction but then I decided that the ribbing is too loose and was always going to bother me and I might as well start over now. So yeah, riiiiiip.

After this, there will be finishing of all the projects. Promise.

(Realistically though, that’s probably all going out the window in a few days when my Christmas knitting yarn arrives..)

14 thoughts on “Mental blocks”

  1. Haha- this post just made me laugh. It is pretty much what is in my head. 2 scarves on the go … None completed ! One wiksten tank that needs hemming and neck binding … And all I can think of is buying the new Georgia dress and new winter fabrics!!! Dunno what’s up with my mind(!)

    1. What’s up with your mind is that the Georgia dress is gorgeous and winter fabrics are so smushy and warm. So really, it’s By Hand London’s fault. And whoever invented wool. Which I suppose would be sheep. -_-

  2. Well, this post has made me feel SO MUCH BETTER about my lazy ways.

    I WANT to start on a couple of patterns that I’m really into, BUT I’ve told myself that I can’t start a new project until I’ve finished/fixed the 4 or 5 things on my sewing room floor. It would take an hour at most for each of them, but who wants to do boring seam ripping??? Also, I feel like I should probably tidy the sewing room first, but who wants to do that??

    It’s the same with my knitting/crocheting projects too. I’m definitely not being very productive at the moment!

    1. Seam ripping is so boring! Sometimes if my brain is mush after a long day it’ll sound nice but when creative juices are flowing it’s so dull. Also I envy your resolve! I’ve started three new projects this week alone without finishing any of my preeixisting WIPs :[

  3. Um, I’m in the SAME EXACT BOAT with the Guernsey wrap! I finished knitting it 2 or 3 weeks ago but just haven’t been focused enough to get it blocked. Ugh! Loving the looks of the Aidez in red, though!

    1. Thanks! I have a sneaking suspicion my hold-up is that it’s so damn long and I’m doubting it’s going to fit on my measly blocking mat and I’m too lazy to get creative with blocking haha. Did you end up blocking yours the other night??

  4. Oh man SOOOOO many beautiful cables, I’m drooling a little over here! I really think we need to start some sort of club where we divulge all of our unfinished projects, decide if we’re going to scrap them or finish them, and then hold each other accountable. Hahahaha!

  5. I have the exact same problem! I’ve been knitting a reindeer Christmas sweater for…a while *cough* and have done everything but the last half of the last sleeve, and the neckline. It would probably take a few hours of knitting, I have gotten through the hard part (intarsia! fair isle! ripping out all the aforementioned because I forgot to put in sleeve decreases like and idiot! re-knitting it all twice more before I got it right again! ), and I have no idea why I just can’t get off my arse and finish it off.

    I also do it with sewing somethings- I get to the hem and then it sits, unloved, for aaaaaages till I get around to doing the one small thing so I can wear it.

    1. That’s the part that’s always confused me! Through the whole process I’m excited to wear it and then when it gets to the one tiny last thing before it’s wearable, I lose all my momentum. Only for some projects though, but then they sit abandoned and forgotten in the corner for months (sometimes years!).

  6. I’m in a similar place emotionally. It’s a bummer when things that are supposed to bring you joy and/or be soothing become stressful.

  7. LOL I have many knitted projects started but not finished as well. My husband teases that I rip more out than I actually knit! I feel your pain! I too am in a wee bit of a funk right now. BUT….We always emerge better than ever though! You always make such beautiful things that I’m sure you are already back into the swing of things as I write this! Just remember that you have killer style and skills so keep going!

    1. Haha my boyfriend is aghast whenever I rip! And yes definitely! I’m slightly terrified for when my mojo comes back because I know I’m going to try to work on six things at once to make up for lost time hehe

  8. I am often in a similar position, in that I get new ideas and inspiration and go with it, leaving unfinished items trailing behind me, but I decided, as well, to try and get these finished off. I have a fair few projects that just need a little finishing or sorting out and I just haven’t quite got round to it yet, but I’m working on it.

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