Copycat Challenge ending soon!

Clara dress progress

Get on those sewing machines guys, tomorrow is the last day to submit projects for Erin’s and my Copycat Challenge! We’ve got several submissions to post so if you sent us an email in the past few days and don’t see your project up, don’t worry, we’re working on it!

I, for one have been majorly slacking and will be attempting to do my Clara dress in one day. We shall see how this goes.

Happy sewing!

3 thoughts on “Copycat Challenge ending soon!”

  1. I really like how you store your patterns.I shall copy that this time.maybe the next copy cat challenge i will actually plan ahead of time to sew something.

  2. Ditto on the pattern storage thing! I’ve been using manilla envelopes for mine but this is 10x more genius because they’re clear! So you don’t have to go looking through 20 different brown envelopes trying to find the right one. ha, I also can’t wait to see the new submissions for the copycat challenge! I’ve been having so much fun looking at everyone’s different takes on things. Thanks again for hosting it Ping, it’s been a really fun challenge to participate in.

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