A skirt for the playground

Playground skirt

Playground skirt

Playground skirt

Playground skirt

Playground skirt

Playground skirt

Playground skirt
top: Gap (thrifted) // skirt: self-made // shoes: Chelsea Crewe // photos by Laney

Guys, meet my favorite skirt. This lovely number is probably one of my most-worn garments (and it’s a solid, go figure) and was oh-so-easy to draft. I saw this Modcloth skirt on Katie of Skunkboy and about died. Pseudo-pencil skirt that goes with everything? Knit fabric? Not zipper? Super comfy? Yes please!

I just drafted a front piece and a back piece with the A-line shape and then the pockets and a waistband. Oh and the over-sized belt loops. I somehow found the perfect gold buttons too! I sewed the pockets onto the front, sewed the front to the back, attached the waistband, realized it would’ve been easier to do the waistband before attaching the front/back, and then did the belt loops last.

So far I’ve worn this skirt with all kinds of outfits. Stripey long-sleeve tees with tights and boots, blouses, tops with cute detailing, tank top with a cardigan, solid top with a drapey sweater, etc.

Laney took these photos for me the same day as these Belladone ones and we had so much fun with this giant wheel. I walk by it pretty often and always wanted to somehow incorporate it into outfit photos so I was super excited that we actually made it work! Semi-nerve-wracking climbing up in heels though..

14 thoughts on “A skirt for the playground”

  1. This looks EXACTLY like the ModCloth skirt! (Except it probably fits better and is more comfortable) Once again, I’m in awe. I need one soon!

  2. This is so lovely! You should feel like a total rockstar for copying the Modcloth version so closely!
    What kind of fabric is that? It looks like a pretty sturdy knit.
    Also, Katie is so adorable. Her Instagram feed is one of my favorites.

  3. Isn’t it crazy how much wear you can get out of a simple garment? For a long time, I shied away from easy projects, but have shift my focus to simple projects that take less time and go with my entire wardrobe. Love the skirt and photos!

  4. Ummmm… this is adorable! I love it so much! I was so shocked to read that it was a knit that I had to go back and look at all the photos again– brilliant!

  5. I love this skirt too!!!! It’s so cute and I love the colors as well!!!
    You said the fabric you used is a knit, but what do you think which kind of other material that would work with?
    Also I never drafted clothes, that’s why I would like to ask you how you did proceed to get the right measurement for you?
    Thank you very much for your advice!!
    Laurence x

    1. Hi Laurence,

      For this skirt I wouldn’t recommend using a non-stretch fabric unless you want to deal with fitting and adding a zipper. Since I used a stretch fabric for it, I just measured my waist where the top of the skirt would hit and then measured my hips where I wanted the skirt to flare out and used those measurements to cut out my pieces. From there it’s just trying it on and taking it in as needed.

      1. Hi Peneloping, thank you for your reply! Also could you please tell me if you used interfacing for making the waistband?

      2. Sorry, and also may I ask you which size do the pockets have, as well as the waistband and the belt loops? How big are the buttons?
        That would be lovely from you! Thank you very much for your help.

        1. Hi Laurence, unfortunately I don’t have the skirt with me currently so I can’t measure it. I didn’t use interfacing for the waistband as I wanted it to be stretchy. The double layer of ponte seemed stiff enough that it was ok without interfacing.

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