A not-so-sterling Archer

Archer + Virginia leggings

Archer + Virginia leggings

Archer + Virginia leggings

Archer + Virginia leggings

Archer + Virginia leggings
shirt: self-made, pattern hereΒ // leggings: self-made, pattern here // boots: Boutique 9 // glasses: BonLook

You guys!! I made a shirt!! A real fancy button-up shirt!!

Ok, not that fancy, but still!! I wasn’t totally convinced this was going to work out, but thank god for Jen and her amazing sew along with amazingly detailed instructions! Ok, enough with the !’s. I highly recommend reading through the sew along, if not following through as you sew this, especially if this is your first complicated/tailored/lots-of-tiny-pieces pattern. I made this one in two days, and basically pored over each step six times before actually diving in. It was like Jen was there holding my hand and handing me a nice cup of tea and reassuring patpats every time I got stuck. It’s definitely not my best work but my topstitching has officially moved from “Horrendous” to “Probably Don’t Need to Redo.” Yayy!

Anyway, since this was my first attempt, I bought some cheap shitty (kind of plasticky, really) lineny/chambray-y looking fabric (It’s not, seriously, it’s like plastic.) just in case I totally effed it up, which I somehow managed not to! As a result, it’s sort of stiff and not nearly as drapey as I’d like it to be but I think it’s something I’ll still wear. I may have three or four more fabrics set aside for more Archers. Hee.

As a bonus, I also finally took photos of my second pair of Virginia leggings. See what I mean about them being sort of heinous? I really don’t know what I was thinking with that fabric, but at least I didn’t end up with a giant patch of flowers at the crotch. That would’ve been awkward. I definitely need to find a cuter (smaller) floral knit fabric to make moar leggings.

Anyway, I’m pretty sure this is going to be one of my favorite outfits for fall.



*PS Please tell me someone gets my post title? I’m ridiculously pleased with myself right now. Hee.

32 thoughts on “A not-so-sterling Archer”

  1. ok. So I’m totally in love with your blog. You are so talented! I’m so psyched Alex showed me your stuff… Ps. 100% appreciate your title! (made me click the link)

    1. Aww thanks! And hehe, I’m so glad people actually got it! I was worried everyone would just be like “Um, what nonsense are you spewing now?”

  2. What?!?! I love those leggings! Don’t diss the fabric =D They’re adorbs! Great job on the shirt, too! I have yet to tackle a real, live button-up.

    1. Aww thanks πŸ™‚ I’m trying to love it hehe. If you decide to try, definitely look over the Archer sew along!

  3. Totally love the top! Terrific work, particularly if the fabric is not top quality. Just the possibility of making a shirt with pockets that do not appear to be the size of nipples may be enough incentive to try the Archer. And the leggings are retro cute – Pam would still ‘bang’ you πŸ™‚
    Go Archer!

    1. Bahaha thank you! Aw man, now I wish I’d posed with a dolphin hand puppet or something. Not that I own a dolphin hand puppet.

  4. I got your post title immediately! My brother loves that show. I don’t even watch it – I can’t believe I recognized the name haha.

    And I’m totes digging the floral leggings. Make me a pair.

    1. Yayyy! So far I have zero chick friends who watch this show. I suggested it to a few of them and only got side-eyes. πŸ™

  5. Yes! My BF and i love Archer! Its just so ridiculous!
    I still haven’t quite perfected shirts esp the collar, though i have made a few. Great work with yours – ill have to try my next one with that tutorial close by!

    1. Thanks! Yeahh my collar stand is a little wonky but luckily you’d have to examine it up close to see it so I’m letting it go.

  6. Now I really need to sew a chambray Archer! Although I’m really terrified of sewing a button-up shirt…
    Your’s is great!
    And I sure did get the post’s title, no problem πŸ˜‰

    1. Hehe πŸ™‚ Thank you! I know I’ve mentioned this 230843x by now but do check out the Grainline sew along if you want to try it but don’t know where to start. It was so so so helpful!

  7. Such a cute outfit, your Archer looks great! I’m glad you found the sew along useful, I wish I actually was handing all of you a cup of tea while we sewed through the shirt!

    1. EEK I just saw that! tehehe

      Also omg I know. At first I was like “meh”, but now I want to make like 10 of them. Minimum.

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