Datura #2

Datura #2

Datura #2

Datura #2

Datura #2

Datura #2

Datura #2
top: self-made, pattern here // jeans: AE // shoes: Seychelles // glasses: Bon Look 

I’m finding it slightly entertaining that it takes me way longer to get around photographing/blogging about my Daturas than it did to make them. In fact, I may have made yet another one today. (This is not it.) Does anyone know if Eléonore is planning on hosting a Daturas Anonymous?

Anyway, meet my second Datura. I hadn’t planned on making one with triangle cutouts but I decided that I had to try at least one. Basically, I love it. I’d drooled over this fabric for over a year but didn’t buy it because I couldn’t decide what to make with it. When this pattern came out, it seemed perfect! Sadly, I still haven’t found the right buttons for it so there are currently some boring light blue flat buttons sewn to the back just so it’s wearable. It’s also a little shorter than the others because I for some reason decided that just rolling the hem over twice would be a good idea. Note: I don’t recommend this. I only did it because learning how to make bias tape properly seemed too much for lazy Ping.*

*It’s not. It’s actually ridiculously easy and 100% worth it.**

**Don’t use store-bought bias tape. It’s awful. After four failed attempts with crunchy store-bought bias tape I wanted to throw the whole thing in the corner and toss my sewing machine off a cliff (ok, that’s a bit dramatic) and it still only looked mediocre. When I went to work on my next one using bias tape I’d made, it came together easy peasy in like ten minutes.

Out of curiosity, does anyone who’s made a Datura ever wear theirs tucked into a skirt? I’ve made six now, of varying fabric thicknesses and I have yet to make one look good with a skirt. I keep trying but something about the back buttons or the silhouette itself makes it look like I’m forcing it. Maybe with a cardigan over it when it gets cooler? Thoughts?

In other news, new glasses! I <3 BonLook so hard.

Totally unrelated, but for any Whovians out there looking for a new show, Seester told me about a show called Broadchurch. It’s got the Tenth Doctor (albeit a dark and brooding Scottish version), Rory Williams, the lady whose body Prisoner Zero takes over, and Argus Filch, and it’s about the murder of an eleven-year-old boy in a small gorgeous beach town in England. There are only eight episodes in the first season and I may have watched them all in one sitting..! (Also apparently they’re going to remake a US version? Why do they always do that?? Yargh..)

PS No, I have no idea why I only decided to cuff one pant leg.


21 thoughts on “Datura #2”

    1. Oh noo that sucks! I hope you find them! And no problem, I <3 your blog 🙂

      PS Your domain ends in .be, are you from Belgium??

        1. Ooh ok just wondering! I spent a week traveling around Belgium a few years ago! Absolutely loved it 🙂

  1. Such a cute fabric and you’ll make me want my very own Datura… Seems they might be very addictiv 😉

  2. It’s gorgeous fabric! Perhaps this blouse doesn’t work with skirts because of the horizontal seam above the bust… that with a skirt might shorten the body?!

    1. Thanks! I think you’re right. Maybe if I tried wearing it over a maxi skirt (not tucked in) and belted at the waist? I thin k I’d have to play with the bottom edge though. Hmmmmm

  3. Oooh, this is cute, too! Damn, I so desperately need one of these!!!

    Also. I can’t WAIT for Broadchurch! I love love love David Tennant. 😀

    1. You should!! Omg me tooo <3 I came THISCLOSE to making a tardis-themed Datura with Spoonflower fabrics hehe

  4. Love all of the Daturas!

    To answer your question about wearing tucked in, I made a Peter Pan collar version that I wear tucked in for work. I pair it with a pencil skirt and wear a cardigan as well. The cardigan definitely helps, although it causes me to futz with the neck/collar throughout the day to make sure it’s laying flat.

    1. Oh I do that all the time with my collars! Futz is a great word haha. I’ll have to try it with a cardigan! It’s still too hot here but I think that would totally help with the awkwardness of the back buttons being tucked in.

    1. Thanks! <3 Yeahh.. I'd be interested to know the average stats of how many times people make this pattern!

  5. Love it! I’m also addicted to datura. I’ve made 3 and I have ideas for many more! I think you need the right fabric to be able to tuck it. Something very draped…

    1. Aren’t they contagious?? You’re totally right, I made another one the other day in some sort of super drapey cottony/rayony blend (super technical eh?) and it looks a lot better tucked into a skirt. I think if i throw a cardigan or something over it it’ll actually be wearable that way.

  6. How cute is that butterfly fabric? It makes a stunning Datura.
    I found that this blouse looks a lot better untucked. I do wear mine with skirts sometimes, and the lighter the fabric, the better it works!

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